Forest Machiya

Live in a Machiya, and give back to the forest.


It may be surprising in an era of mass consumption, but in Japan, lumbers not being used enough is actually becoming problematic.

In order to keep the forests healthy, it's important to cut down the trees periodically to allow the sunlights in.
However, with the cheaper option of imported lumbers, it's not profitable for the logging industry to cut down the trees in Japan anymore.

With the hope to raise the awareness of such problem, Hachise decided to collaborate with Morinogakko, a company based in Okayama that aims to promote domestic lumber through manufacturering wooden product.
And through the "Forest + Machiya Project", Forest Machiya was born.

Forest Machiya doesn't just mean the succession of property, but it also represents a desire to keep the forests healthy and lively, and then to pass them on to future generations.

Isn't it exicting to know that you can also contribute by living in a Machiya?

North side and South side are both available

  • Forest Machiya North
  • Forest Machiya South