Yase's Mountain Mansion

Hidden in the Northern Mountains of Kyoto,
Yase's Mountain Mansion.

Imagine a vacation in the suburb of Kyoto city, being surrounded by mountain terrain with soothing sound of the upstream river.

With over 1,000 sqm of land area, you have a grand entrance that welcomes you into the luxurious mansion which includes a beautiful Japanese garden, and spacious living & dining hall that is perfect for holiday family or friend gatherings.

For those who enjoys the nature, this property makes a great candidate for a vacation house in Japan.


Natural beauties of Yase

Located at the upstream of Kamogawa river and Takano river, Yase is a prefect location to enjoy nature. Takano river is also called Yase river, and famous for being a secret spot for cherry blossom viewing in spring. You can also get astonishing view of autumn leaves from the Eizan cable car, or by foot.


Floor Plan



1F Entrance Hall


1F Living and Dining area


View from the entrance hall with garden and mountains in the back


1F North West Tatami room with garden view

More 1F Photos

建物外観 建物外観2 玄関へ続く階段 玄関を別の角度から エントランス エントランスホール エントランスホールからお庭を眺めて 一階和室 一階和室(10帖) 縁側からお庭(北西側)を眺めて 一階和室南側・広縁 広縁を別の角度から エントランスホールから東側を眺めて 一階食堂(居間) 食堂からお庭を眺めて お庭を別の角度から キッチン 浴室 一階トイレ 一階トイレ2 一階廊下 2FとB1への階段 エントランスホールからお庭を眺めて お庭を別の角度から お庭(北側) お庭(北側)2 お庭(北側)2 お庭(北東側) エントランスホール2



From the 2F balcony is where is you take a deep breath of the fresh air of Yase.

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二階バルコニーから山を眺めて 山を別の角度から 二階洋室(約15.5帖) 二階洋室(約15.5帖)を別の角度から 二階トイレと洗面所 洗面所の窓から山を眺めて 二階洋室(約11.5帖) 二階洋室(約11.5帖)を別の角度から 二階洋室(約10帖) 二階納戸(約3.8帖)



B1 Garage


There are also rooms and storages in the basement

More B1 Photos

ガレージ ガレージを別の角度から ガレージから室内を見て 物置(約6.7帖) 納戸(約5.5帖) ホール 洋室(約6.8帖) 階段側洋室(約6帖) ガレージを外から眺めて ガレージから外を眺めて


Property Price 119,800,000 JPY (Approx. USD *1JPY= USD) *June 18th, 2018 Under Offer
Type Used House
Location 349-1, 350-1 Yase Akimotocho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto
Transportation Approx. 1 min. walk from Kyoto Bus "Furusatomae Stop"
Land Area [Registered] 1181.94 sqm (Approximate Number)
Private Street Area Included No
Floor Area [Registered] 1F: 327.64 sqm / 2F: 96.32 sqm / B1: 128.80 sqm / Total: 552.76 sqm
Building Structure Galvalume Roofed, Reinforced Concrete House
Building Date October, 1991
Size 7 rooms + Living Dining Kitchen + Garden
Adjoining Street Street Width : 7.6 m, Frontage: 18.8m, Direction: East (Approx. Number)
Street Width : 4 m (Including 0.92m of public road), Frontage: 50.2m, Direction: South (Approx. Number)
Public Utility Electricity, Water Plumbing In/Out, Gas
Land Use District Category 1 Low-Rise Exclusive Residential Districts
Category 2 Medium-to-High-Rise Exclusive Residential Districts
Legal Restriction Scenic districts Category 2, Preservation areas for historic landscape, Category 1 preservation areas for natural landscape, Outdoor Advertisement Regulatory District, Housing land development construction regulated area
Handover Immediately
Current Situation Vacant
Building Coverage Ratio 30%
Floor Area Ratio 100%
Land Category Residential Land
Land Tenure Title
Geographical Features Flatland
City Planning Act Urbanization Promotion Area
Notification According to
National Land Utilization Law
Not Required
Elementary School Hachise as a Broker (Agent commission required when concluding contract)
Junior High School Yase Elementary (1 min walk/30m)
Transaction Terms Shugakuin Junior High (74 min walk/6.2km)
Sales Representative Kae Motokado
Remarks The seller is not liable for any defects.
  Renovation work is required due to it's aged deterioration.
  This property is not able to acquire Hotel Business License because it is located in Exclusive Residential Districts.
Information updated June 18th, 2018
Information will be updated June 25th, 2018