South of Kyoto city is an area called "Fukakusa" which surrounds Mt. Inari.
As this area is most known for the Fushimi Inari shrine, the south side of Fukakusa where this property locates in, could escape the crowds and keep its peace and quiet. It is accessible from Keihan Fujimori station with 11 minutes of walk.

From the looks of the wooden beams and roof, to the well groomed Japanese garden and pine tree, you can tell the property has been kept in great condition with the care of its previous owner.


Kominka is what Japanese people call these traditional style detached housings. It has similar features as the Kyo-Machiyas such as the Tatami rooms, and Japanese gardens.

The difference is that Kominkas are detached houses which means they are usually more spacious than the typical Machiyas, which allows space for car parking.

Wooden beams and mud walls are all characteristics of a Kominka.

With the floor space available, you can easily transform the front side of 1F into your own shop, and use the rest of 1F and 2F as residence. It is such Kominka that is flexible to accompany different kind of life styles.

It is possible to set up a parking space with the spacious front space facing the road.

A traditional Kominka's entrance.

Tile roof and the Mushikomado window kept in great conditions.

Earthern floor in the front makes great space for kids to play or chatting with neighbors on a sunny day.

View of the pine tree from the 6 mat Tatami room.

6 mat Tatami room. The Tatamis were kept in great conditions that can be used without being replaced.

8 mat Tatami room in the front. You can enjoy a different view of the garden from the wooden deck.

4.5 mat Tatami room by the kitchen.

Earthern floor space besides the kitchen that can be changed into any spaces you wish.

View of the back entrance.

Storage space on the right side of the house.

2F space that can be transformed with some renovation.

Other view of the 2F space.



Origin of 「Kawaramachi」

"Kawara", meaning tile in Japanese, is the name of this area. As its name suggests, this is an area where many tile manufacturers thrived in making tiles for Machiyas and temples.

It is also an area with historical spots like the Hoto Temple or the Fujimori shrine.

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*This property is mortgaged by the seller. It can only be sold to people with a Japanese bank account and can attend the closing meeting in person for smoother transaction which includes the discharge of the mortgage before officially handing the property to the buyer.

Property Price 49,800,000 JPY (Approx. USD *1JPY= USD) 
*June 29, 2018 New Property
Type & Conditions Old House (Detached house)
Location 39-1 Fukakusa Kawaramachi, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto
Transportation Approx. 11 min walk from Keihan "Fujimori Sta."
Approx. 3 min walk from bus stop "Sobocho "
Land Area [Registered] 221.48sqm *Including private street 
[Measured by Surveyor] 285.49sqm
Private Street Area Included 19.02 sqm
Floor Area [Registered] 1F: 162.88sqm 2F: 89.71sqm
Total: 252.59sqm
Building Structure Tile Roofed, Two Storey Wooden House
Building Date Unspecifiable
Size 6 Rooms + Dining Kitchen + Eathern space
Adjoining Street Street Width: Approx 6.0m, Frontage: Approx 15.08m, Direction: West
Street Width: Approx 2.89m, Frontage: Approx 18.88m, Direction: North
Public Utility Electricity, Water Plumbing In/Out, City Gas
Land Use District Category 1 Low-Rise Exclusive Residential Districts
Legal restriction 10m / Height Control Districts, Minimum limit of the land size is 100sqm when rebuilt, Piedmont Preservation and Improvement District, Outdoor Advertisement Category 2 Regulatory District
Handover Immediately
Current Situation Vacant
Building Coverage Ratio 50%
Floor Area Ratio 80%
Land Category Residential Land
Land Tenure Title
Geographical Features Flatland
City Planning Act Urbanization Promotion Area
Notification According to
National Land Utilization Law
Not Required
Remarks ・Approx. 10.48 sqm side setback and 1.99 sqm corner setback is required when rebuilding on this land.
・Renovation work is required due to it's aged deterioration.
・This property cannot be used as lodging facilities such as guest houses.
Elementary School Fukakusa Elementary (10min walk/750m)
Junior High School Fukakusa Junior High (5min walk/362m)
Transaction Terms Hachise as Broker
Sales Representative Kae Motokado
Information updated Sept 18th, 2018
Information will be updated Sept 27th, 2018