Ninenzaka with cobblestone streets and Kyo-machiya townhouses

 Hokanji Pagoda in the Kiyomizu area

  Gojozaka Pottery Festival
 (Every August)




The original name of the inn is said to have been a color favored by Rikyu, a pioneer of Zen Buddhism.
The color is used as the conceptual color of the inn, and motifs related to the tea ceremony
and Zen Buddhism that Rikyu liked are placed throughout the inn.
※Photos were taken in April, 2015.

  • 01

    Bamboo screen and lattice window matches naturally with the Rikyu-colored (greenish gray) Kyo-machiya. The small inu-yarai curved screen and the latticed windows used for ventilation and lighting are also crafted in fine detail.

  • 02
    Tatami Room

    A view of the tsuboniwa garden can be seen through the sliding glass doors without opening the windows. Although it is a living room, it is a calming space that makes you feel at peace.

  • 03

    The bathroom wall is decorated with cypress wood. A view of the tsuboniwa garden can be seen from the side window of the bathtub.

  • 04

    The kitchen is in harmony with the Japanese style living room. You can make a cup of tea or do some simple cooking here.

  • 05

    Sloped ceiling, playful round design windows and gentle wooden shelves add a gentle touch to the bedroom.

  • 2F和室
  • 06
    Powder Room

    R-shaped entrance and the small shoji screens are lovely. This is a convenient space for women to get ready for the day. It can also be used as a study.。

  • 07
    Rankan Handrail

    Through the openings in the bamboo screen, you can sit by the handrail and watch the people walk through the streets of Kiyomizu.

  • 08
    Reading Room

    The reading room by the entrance is located behind the lattice window. In summer, you can open the window to let the wind and light in.


  • りきゅう庵 室内
  • りきゅう庵 室内
  • りきゅう庵 室内
  • りきゅう庵 室内
  • りきゅう庵 室内
  • りきゅう庵 室内
  • りきゅう庵 室内
  • りきゅう庵 室内


This Kyo-machiya is located in the famous Higashiyama area with Kodai-ji temple and Kiyomizu temple in the vicinity, and the approach to these temples, "Ninen-zaka" and "Sannenzaka," are always crowded with tourists dressed in yukata and kimono, day and night. In recent years, famous companies have opened concept stores in these areas, and the entire area has established itself as a place of rich cultural and historical value.

Convenience stores, drugstores and supermarkets are all within walking distance, so you can run a quick errand. You can continue operating this Kyo-machiya as a guest house or you can also make it a vacation home when visiting Kyoto.



Property Price 82,000,000 JPY (Approx. USD *1JPY= USD)
Conditions Simple Lodges (Kyo-machiya)
Location 96-4 Tsukinowacho, Higashiyama ward, Kyoto city
Transportation Approx. 15 min. walk from Keihan Railway "Kiyomizu Gojo” station Exit 4
Approx. 1 min. walk from city bus "Kiyomizumichi" stop
Land Area [96-4 Tsukinowacho] 31.37 sqm
[92-19 Hoshinocho] 31.53 sqm
[Combined] 62.90 sqm
Private Street Area Included 11.86 sqm
Floor Area [Registered] 1F: 33.38 sqm 2F: 25.78 sqm Total: 59.16 sqm
[Tape Measured] 1F: 41.74 sqm 2F: 30.91 sqm Total: 72.65 sqm
Building Structure Two Storey Wooden Houses
Building Date Unspecifiable
Size 3 Rooms + Kitchen + Garden
Renovation Fully renovated in 2015. Areas include:
・All the interior electric wiring, water plumbing, gas piping were replaced.
・All the plumbing products were newly installed (kitchen, bath tub room, wash stand and toilet).
・Ceiling, wall and flooring are renewed. Gardening, and etc.
Adjoining Street Street Width: 4.48m~4.57, Frontage: 4.25m, Direction: East (Approx. Number)
Public Utility Electricity, Water Plumbing In/Out
Land Use District Category 2 Residential Districts
Legal restriction 12m / Category 2 Height Control Districts, Aesthetic District of Historical Heritage, Outdoor Advertisement Category 2 Historical Heritage District, Distant View Preservation Zone, Close View Preservation Zone, Article 22 of the Building Standard Act
Handover TBD
Current Situation In Operation (Guest house)
Building Coverage Ratio 60%
Floor Area Ratio 200%
Land Category Residential Land
Land Tenure Title
Geographical Features Flatland
City Planning Act Urbanization Promotion Area
Notification According to
National Land Utilization Law
Not Required
Elementary School Kaisei Elementary (8min walk/590m)
Junior High School Kaisei Junior High (8min walk/590m)
Transaction Terms Hachise as broker
Remarks ・Obtained permission from hotel business law
・New owner needs to renew Inn business licenses before operation.
・The furnitures are not included in the property price.
Sales Representative (JAP) Tatsuya Ochiumi (ENG) Aya Kito/Boa Zhang
Information updated November 28th, 2020
Information will be updated December 7th, 2020