Premium Machiya Resort
Operate as high-end lodging facility

Located on the east side of Kyoto Imperial Palace, this is a Kyomachiya lodge designed to accommodate separate group of guests on the first and second floors. Why not offer the extraordinary and real life experiences of Kyoto to the high-end guests?

Immerse in the overwhelmingly
extraordinary and luxurious bathroom.

The bathrooms on the first and second floors each have a Ryukyu limestone wall that gives tropical atmosphere. The bathtubs are made of Towada stone with beautiful relaxing colors.

The design pursues extraordinary experiences that add playfulness to the elegance of traditional Kyoto townhouses.

Forget the bustle of the city
and head to where serenity can be felt.

Located on the north side of central Kyoto, within walking distance of both Kamogawa and Kyoto Imperial Palace, it is an area where you can enjoy a walk while feeling nature and history. If you go a little east, there are Heian Jingu Shrine and Nanzenji Temple where you can see beautiful scenery like paintings, so it is a convenient place for sightseeing.

Private Villa
Family retreat or company resort

It is a spacious and luxurious space with a total area of nearly 200 square meters. This property is suitable for enjoying your vacation in Kyoto with your family and relatives together, or using it in a company retreat as a place to relax from your daily work and soothing fatigue.

Invite your important ones
to this private palace in Kyoto.

Interiors that are carefully selected from Japan and overseas have already been installed indoors to welcome your customers.

You can invite famous chefs from Kyoto to hold a private banquet only for relatives or to spend a relaxing time cultivating the spirit of work.

  • 1F
  • 2F


(L) Exterior of the property. (R) Ryukyu limestone is used for the 1F entrance hall.

(L) Bedroom with the beds of Sealy's bespoke Hollywood twin. (R) Behind the entrance is a space for reading and working alone.

(L) Chic and modern kitchen. (R) Across from the kitchen is a relaxing Japanese-style room with Ryukyu tatami mats.

(L) Shower space with bench. (R) A new concept in which the living and dining and bath are integrated for you to enjoy the evening.

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(L) Stairs to the 2nd floor with a mysterious atmosphere. (R) A Japanese-style room where you can sit by the window facing the ying-yang garden.

(L) Walk down the corridor to the bedroom/dining area. (R) Entrance to the bedroom. A closet is on the right hand side.

(L) Kitchen and dining area. (R) You can look down to the bathroom area directly from the bedroom window.

(L) Stairs to the bath, which almost looks like a movie scene. (R) The spacious open-air bath like a sanctuary that can only be reached from the second floor.

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floor plan

The property is designed as lodging facility, so the first and second floors are separate spaces, each with a Japanese-style room, a Western-style room, a garden, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

If you use it as a villa or recreation facility, some renovation is required. For example, if you want to gather more than 10 people in the same space for a family banquet, you can create a larger space by reducing the number of walls as long as there is no problem with the structure.

3D Virtual Tour

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The Kyoto Imperial Palace, where the successive emperors have lived for about 500 years since the unification of the country in 1392 until the Meiji era, is still a place for citizens to enjoy the nature of the four seasons. In the spring, you can take a walk and watch the cherry blossoms in full bloom along the Kamogawa River, or go southeast to Okazaki Canal, where the rows of cherry blossom trees bloom as if glancing at the surface of the water.

The Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Hospital, Kyoto University Hospital, Kyoto University and Doshisha University are all within walking distance, making it a convenient location for university and hospital related personnel.



Property Price 198,000,000 JPY (Approx. USD *1JPY= USD)
Conditions Used Kyo-Machiya
Location 3-110, 5-110 Kojincho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto
78-6, 78-8, 78-10 Miyagakicho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto
Transportation Approx. 8 min walk from Keihan Railway "Jingu-marutamachi" station Exit 5
Approx. 1 min walk from city bus "Kojinguchi" stop
Land Area 【Registered】184.40 sqm 【Actual Size】 161.43 sqm (Approx. Number)
Private Street Area Included 13.94 sqm (Approx. Number)
Floor Area
1F: 113.95 sqm 2F: 81.12 sqm Total: 195.07 sqm (Approx. Number)
Building Structure Two Storey Wooden building
Building Date Unspecifiable
Renovation Date Fully renovated in July 2019, including:
-All the plumbing products were newly installed (kitchen, bathroom)
-All the interior electric wiring, water plumbing, gas piping were replaced.
-Interior (Ceiling, Wall, Flooring) and exterior renewed. Reinforced structure.
Size 1F: 2 Rooms + Dining Kitchen + Bath room with Terrace
2F: 2 Rooms + Dining Kitchen + Bath room with Terrace
Adjoining Street Street Width : 6.7m, Frontage: 5.77m, Direction: North (Approx. Number)
Public Utility Electricity, Water Plumbing In/Out, City Gas
Land Use District Neighborhood Commercial Districts
Legal restriction 20m / Category 4 Height Control Districts, Quasi-Fire Prevent District, Close View Preservation Zone, Distant View Presentation Zone, Roadside Aesthetic Formation District, Prior Consultation Zone, Outdoor Advertisement Category, Roadside 3 Regulatory District.
Handover Immediately
Current Situation Vacant
Building Coverage Ratio 80%
Floor Area Ratio 300%
Land Category Residential Land
Land Tenure Title
Geographical Features Flatland
City Planning Act Urbanization Promotion Area
Notification According to
National Land Utilization Law
Not Required
Elementary School Gosyohigashi Elementary (6min walk/437m)
Junior High School Kyoto Oike Junior High (19min walk/1,493m)
Remarks ※New owner needs to renew Inn business licenses before operation.
Transaction Terms Hachise as a Seller (No agent commission required)
Sales Representative (JAP)Naoki Nishimura (ENG)Aya Kito/Boa Zhang
Information updated September 14th, 2020
Information will be updated September 28th, 2020