四条大宮西 リノベーション済の京町家

West of Shijo-Omiya station renovated kyomachiya

1階 イメージ写真

4 mins walk to Hankyu Railway 『Omiya』 station

Fully renovated by Hachise in 2015

It is a property currently operated as a guest house. It is suitable as a new home for couples, a second house in Kyoto, or as an investment.
The sun shines down from the garden to the dining room, where can enjoy authentic cuisine prepared from the L-shaped kitchen counter.

3 WAY access to JR/Hankyu/Randen Railway

You can get to 『Osaka』『Kobe』with Hankyu Kyoto line, 『Nagoya』『Tokyo』with JR Tokaido line, and getting to 『Kansai airport』 is easy with the direct limousine bus from Shijo Omiya bus station.


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L-shaped kitchen by the dining room

The kitchen is equipped with a 4-port gas stove and a built in oven underneath, which is great news for those who love to cook and bake at home. By the dining room is a meditation space with Tatami mats where you can enjoy the view of the garden while natural light shines in.

1F ダイニングキッチン

1F ダイニングキッチン




2階 洋室

2階 和室

2階 書斎


Fine taste and design by the current owner

When you enter the entrance, you will find a graceful hospitality space with wooden flooring with naguri touch up. The dining area includes a tiled kitchen for easy cleaning, a wood deck overlooking the garden, and around the dining table is where you can enjoy time together with family and friends.

On the second floor, there is a 3 mats Tatami room with an alcove for hanging paintings or other decorations. There is also a reading room in the corner with top light window where you can concentrate on your work or readings. Also having one toilet on each floor makes living in this house more convenient and comfortable.


Fully renovated by Hachise in 2015
◆Repainted exterior walls and replaced tiled roof ◆Reinforced structures ◆All the interior electric wiring, water plumbing, gas piping were replaced ◆Replaced interior wallpapers and Tatami mats ◆All the plumbing products were newly installed (kitchen, bath tub room, wash stand and toilet)

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Convenient Shijo Omiya area

Walk a few minutes East is the 『Shijo Omiya』 area where you can get on trains and buses that get you to most places within Kyoto city and even to the city center of Osaka. On the West is the 『Saiin』 area with many restaurants and Izakayas. On the North you have the 『Sanjo Shopping Arcade』 that is known for being the longest shopping arcade in Japan. Go South and you will find the family area with places like 『Umekoji Park』『Kyoto Aquarium』 where kids love.


\Trains and buses from Shijo Omiya/


\JR and subway trains from Nijo/


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Property Price 43,900,000 JPY (Approx. USD *1JPY= USD)
Conditions Old House (Kyo-Machiya)
Location 13-25 Mibunaginomiyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto
Transportation Approx. 4 min. walk from Hankyu Kyoto Line “Omiya Sta.”
Approx. 6 min. walk from Keifuku Railway “Shijo Omiya Sta.”
Approx. 7 min. walk from Kyoto city bus “Shijo Omiya” stop
Land Area [Registered] 41.98 sqm
Private Street Area Included No
Floor Area [Registered] 1F: 30.67 sqm  2F: 20.19 sqm  Total: 50.86 sqm
[Tape Measured] 1F: 32.28 sqm  2F: 28.70 sqm  
Total: 60.98 sqm (Approx. Number)
*Includes unregistered building
Building Structure Two Storey Wooden House
Building Date Unspecifiable (but at least constructed before 1932)
Renovation Date Fully renovated in 2015
Renovation Works Done All the plumbing products were newly installed (kitchen, bath tub room, wash stand and toilet)
All the interior electric wiring, water plumbing, gas piping were replaced.
Repainted interior and exterior walls, Reinforced structures.
Size 2 Rooms + Living Dining Kitchen +Reading Room + Garden
Adjoining Street Street Width : 2.58~2.72 m, Frontage: 4.27m, Direction: South (Approx. Number)
Remarks ・The furnitures shown in the photo are included.
・The seller is not liable for any defects.
・New owner needs to renew Inn business licenses before operation as guest house.
・Please contact us at least 7 days in advance before the requested property viewing date.
・Approx. 2.88 sqm setback is required when rebuilding on this land.
Public Utility Electricity, Water Plumbing In/Out, City Gas
Land Use District Commercial Districts / Quasi-Industrial Districts
Legal Restriction [Commercial Districts] 25m Height Control Districts, Roadside Aesthetic District, Quasi-Fire Prevent District, Distant View Presentation Zone, Outdoor Advertisement Category 5 Roadside District
[Quasi-Industrial Districts] 20m / Category 3 Height Control Districts, Urban Type Aesthetic Formation District, Quasi-Fire Prevent District, Distant View Presentation Zone, Outdoor Advertisement Category 5 Regular District
Handover 1 month after contract
Current Situation In Operation
Building Coverage Ratio [Commercial Districts] 80% / [Quasi-Industrial Districts] 60%
Floor Area Ratio [Commercial Districts] 240%(600%) / [Quasi-Industrial Districts] 200%
Land Category Residential Land
Land Tenure Title
Geographical Features Flatland
City Planning Act Urbanization Promotion Area
Notification According to
National Land Utilization Law
Not Required
Elementary School Suzaku Elementary School (12min walk/900m)
Junior High School Nakagyo Junior High School (15min walk/1200m)
Transaction Terms Hachise as a broker
Sales Representative Aya Kito
Information updated September 14th, 2020
Information will be updated September 28th, 2020

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