7 minutes walk to "Nagisa Lakeside Park"

Renovated Otsu Machiyain Hamamachi

  • リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町)
  • リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町)
  • リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町)
  • リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町)

LOCATIONLiving in Otsu

Otsu, with its place name derived from "a large port", has a long history of being regarded as an important port that relays supplies to the capital during the Heian period.

In the Edo period, it prospered to the extent that it was called "Otsu Hyakucho (hundred towns)"; and even now, "Otsu Machiya", which is said to have been influenced by the Kyo-machiya, remains from the history. Here we would like to introduce an Otsu Machiya located in such a town and has been renovated to suit modern life while making the most of its historical taste.

From the property, you can reach the "Nagisa Lakeside Park" along Lake Biwa in a 7-minute walk. How about living in an Otsu Machiya, where you can feel the pleasant breeze across Lake Biwa and the scenery of the sky reflected on the calm surface of the lake in your daily life?

  • An emotional townscape with Machiyas lined up on cobblestones

    approx. 7 min walk (490m)

    東海道の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町)
  • Departure point of sightseeing "Michigan Cruise"

    Otsu Port
    approx. 10 min walk (750m)

    大津港の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町)
  • Cafe with a panoramic view of Lake Biwa

    Nagisa Terrace
    approx. 15 min walk (1.2km)

    なぎさのテラスの写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町)

See more about life in Otsu here: ~Machiya Life in Otsu~

OTSU-MACHIYARenovated Otsu-Machiya

Otsu once prospered as a post station on the Tokaido. Up to now, "Otsu Machiya" that retains the atmosphere of those days can still be found here and there in the town.

This Machiya is one of those, standing at a corner with old-fashioned townhouses, just off the alley from the modern town of Hamadori St. where bank buildings are lined up.

The building has been renovated in consideration of livability without spoiling the atmosphere of a Machiya.

POINT.1Appearance of a Machiya

The facade looks like a typical Machiya, with repainted plastered walls, repaired wooden railings and wooden "Koshi" lattice windows, and a "Ichimonji-gawara" straight-line roof tiles on the eaves tiles.

The delicacy and beauty of the Machiya, the taste that has passed through the history, and other good aged parts that remain in this house have been well inherited, echoing the calm atmosphere of the building.

Looking out from the tatami room on the 2nd floor, you will see a traditional Japanese house with an impressive outer wall covered with cedar boards. Such a scenery that seems to have stopped the spread of time.

外観の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町)

2階座敷の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 2階座敷の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町)

POINT.2Renovation with Modern Consideration

Double sash with heat insulation is used for the exterior fittings. New sash on the outside of the porch plus shoji screen of old fittings on the inner side are used with consideration to comfort while retaining its old taste.

Other parts of the building are furnished with convenient equipment, such as a tiled bathroom with dehumidifier and a system kitchen with dishwasher.

The living room and kitchen on the first floor are equipped with floor heating, which allows you to live comfortably in a warm space even in winter.

障子のはまる窓の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町)

縁側の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町)

リビングの写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町)リビングの写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町)

FLOOR PLANTatami room and alcove

The building retains its original floor plan, such as the 10 mats Tatami room on the 2nd floor. Other features such as the alcove, old fittings, and the wooden ceiling boards give the impression of a graceful old Machiya. How about a hanging scroll or some seasonal settings at the alcove?

The Western-style room on the 2nd floor with a high ceiling and the living room overlooking the garden on the 1st floor are floored. You can put a table or sofa on it, making it easy to use.

The water plumbing facilities (bathroom and kitchen) were rarely used after renovation and are in relatively good condition.


外観写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 外観写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 玄関の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 玄関の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) ミセノマの写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) リビングの写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 照明の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 1階床の間の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 縁側と庭の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 庭の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) キッチンの写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) キッチンの写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 洗面の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 浴室の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 浴室の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 2階洋室の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 2階洋室の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 2階事務室の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 2階和室の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町)床の間の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町) 2階和室の写真_リノベーション済み 浜町の大津町家(滋賀県大津市浜町)

Area Map


It takes about 9 minutes by JR special rapid train from Otsu station to Kyoto station. You can also reach Osaka Station in about 46 minutes by the special rapid train. Although it has a rich environment near Lake Biwa, it is also a convenient place for commuting to Osaka and Kyoto.

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Property Price 37,800,000 JPY (Approx. USD *1JPY= USD) *Oct 22, Under Offer
Type & Conditions Used House (Otsu Machiya, One of 2 terraced houses)
Location 【Registered】133-13, 133-15 Hamamachi, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture
【Mail address】4-17 Hamamachi, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture
Tranportation Approx. 7 min. walk from Keihan Railway "Biwako-Hamaotsu Sta." South Exit
Approx. 10 min. walk from JR Biwako-line "Otsu Sta." North Exit
Land Area 【Registered】73.92sqm
Private Street Area approx. 11.7sqm (no. 113-15 Hamamachi) 
Floor Area 【Registered】1F: 51.17sqm, 2F: 42.36sqm,  Total: 93.53sqm
Adjoining Street Street Width: 2.6m, Frontage: 6.9m, Direction: Southeast (approx. number)
Building Structure Two Storey Wooden House
Building Date Unspecifiable (The earliest tax record is 1941)
Size 5 Rooms + Kitchen + Garden
Public Facility Electricity, Water Plumbing In/Out, City Gas
Land Use District Commercial District
Legal Restrictions South Biwa Lake Urban Planning District, Parking lot Development District
Outdoor Advertisement Category 3 Permission District
Vista View Presevation Zone: Otsu Central Area
Landscape Planning: Commercial Landscape District
Handover Immediately
Current Situation Vacant
Building Coverage Ratio 80%
Floor Area Ratio 240% (500%)
Land Category Residential Land
Land Tenure Title
Geographical Features Flatland
City Planning Act Urbanization Promotion Area
Notification According to National Land Utilization Law Not Required
Elementary School Chuo Elementary School (approx. 4 min. walk / 300m)
Junior High School Uchide Junior High School (approx. 24 min. walk / 1.9km)
Transaction Terms Hachise as a Broker (Agent commission required when concluding contract)
Remarks ※Approx. 4.83 sqm setback is required when rebuilding on this land.
※The seller is not liable for any defects.
※Monthly rental parking lot available in the neighborhood (13,200JPY/month)
※Renovated in March 2019…Renovation Works: Newly installed plumbing products (bathroom, kitchen, toilet, wash basin, etc.), Replaced roof tiles, Repaired exterior walls, Replaced fittins, Interior renovaion, Replaced floorings, Gardening, etc.
※Refurbished by owner in July 2019…Renovation Works:New storage, fittings, garden, working space on 2F
※Furniture and home appliances are included in the selling price except for some items. (Please contact our sales representive for details)
Sales Representative Aya Kito
Information Updated October 25, 2021
Information will be Updated November 1, 2021