House with Static and Dynamic Gardens

A three-storey house built along the river in a quiet residential area on the south side of Tojiin Station. This is a renovated house with designs and arrangements that make your living-space fun, such as a versatile LDK and two gardens that present different atmospheres.


A tasteful facade

A building with a splendid facade that is typical of a Japanese architecture. Bamboo blinds and lattices are installed to windows and doors, giving it a distinctive Kyoto-like appearance. Bicycles and motorcycles can be parked at the approach. If you go down the stairs on the right side of the photo, you can reach the passage leading to the side door on the 1st floor.


Versatile LDK

The Living-Dining-Kitchen on the 1st floor is an open space that can be used not only for meals but also for various scenes. By expanding the worktable of the kitchen. you can make it into a workspace. The living area and dining area are designed to be a generous space without any partitions, considering the flow of housework. Large windows are set in the living and dining room to allow air ventilation from both gardens.


Rooms with a traditional
Japanese atmosphere

Different from the modern Japanese atmosphere on the 1F, the 2nd floor has a beautiful tatami room with traditional Japanese arrangements. From the wide windows facing the bright balcony overlooking the river, soft sunlight shines in through the shoji screens, creating beautiful shadows in the room.


Bedroom with
a photogenic ceiling

A comfy tatami room on the 3F where you can spend all day in. The Japanese washi wallpaper gently diffuses the light, making it a bright room during the day without turning on the lights. The beautiful ceiling that makes use of the shape of the hipped roof extends from all sides toward the center, giving a charm and premium impression.


Static and dynamic gardens

A quiet and static garden adjacent to the living room on the roadside, and an active, bright garden next to the dining room facing the river.
The two gardens, which have the opposite static and dynamic properties, are connected through the living room and dining room, adding depth to the space.

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The 1F is a floor plan with a strolling line that allows you to move around the room around the kitchen counter. A spacious floor with a sense of openness that makes the best use of the space. In addition, by expanding the worktable in the kitchen, it can also be used as a work desk, a place where you can concentrate on your work at home. The space of the 2F can be flexibly arranged according to changes in the family structure. The private 3F can also be considered as a bedroom or a family hobby room.
This is a residence where you can live for a long time with an emphasis on the ease of living and functionality.


アーキテクト 杉江 崇

Architect, Takashi Sugie 
First-class Architect Office / Takashi Sugie Architectural Institute (external JP link)

Even living for many years, I can still feel a little joy in my home every day by day... I continue my design works with the motto of creating such a home. In past projects, we have designed comfortable living environments with plans that were conscious of ventilation on the depth side of Machiya and daylighting on the frontage side.

プロデューサー 藤原 佑樹

Producer, Yuki Fujihara 
Lifestyle Planning Dept. / Hachise Co., Ltd.

Innocent smile is his charming point. The beloved character of the Lifestyle Planning Department is an expected rookie with a qualification as a first-class architect. A hard worker who eagerly learns every bit of knowledge of real estate and Kyomachiya while making use of his experiences so far. Loves beer. His brisk character that never refuses a sudden drinking party invitation is also attractive.
Other produced projects: House that spins light and wind (JP link)House that surrounds the garden (JP link)


Located about a 4-minute walk south of Tojiin Sta., where the road tram Randen (Keifuku Electric Railroad) runs steadily. Randen is a tram that is popular with locals while also used by tourists. It is an area where you can feel the history and culture in a quiet residential area.
Ryoanji Sta. and Tojiin Sta. are stations where tourists often use to visit the world heritage sites located around the area. Students from Ritsumeikan University also get on and off daily. There are restaurants scattered around the station, together with long-established Japanese confectionery shops around the temple, here you can enjoy the exploration of local gourmet food.
From Ryoanji Sta., which is one station from Tojiin Sta., there is an old approach leading worshipers to the temple. Right after getting off the train, a cute shopping street, "Ryoanji Sando Shopping Arcade", can be found with colorful garlands hung. A local shopping street that is fun to see and should not be missed.


01. Keifuku Kitano Line "Tojiin Station"

The nearest station, in about a 4-minute walk from the property. Its official name is "Tojiin Ritsumeikan University Station".

02. City bus "Tojiin Minamimachi Stop"

The nearest bus stop. Click here (external link) for details on bus destinations and timetables.

03. Tojiin Temple

The family temple of Takauji Ashikaga, which is also the origin of the place name. In order to build one temple and hit it against three, it is said that it was named "Toji-ji" with three kanji characters of "temple" in it.

04.Cafe & Kitchen Matsukichi

A little-known cafe where you can enjoy meals for both lunch and dinner. The pine tree is a landmark.

05. Pample Mousse

An unbaked cheesecakes specialized cake shop. Tojiin roll cake is also a popular souvenir.

06. Izumiya Hakubaicho store

A supermarket in front of Kitano Hakubaicho Station, convenient for daily shopping.


A cafe nestled in a residential area that serves coffee and Thai curry.

08. Furuidogu (Old tools)

As the name suggests, this shop is filled with old items with good taste. Opens only once a week.

09. Public bath Kinugasa Onsen

Local public bath. Its famous frozen sauna allows you to experience sauna below freezing point.


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Property Price 43,800,000 JPY (Approx. USD *1JPY= USD)
Type & Conditions Used House
Location 40-1-1 Tojiinminamimachi, Kita Ward, Kyoto
Transportation Approx. 4 min walk from Keifuku Electric Railroad Kitano-line "Tojiin Sta."
Approx. 4 min walk from Kyoto City Bus "Tojiinminamimachi Stop"
Land Area [Registered]64.06sqm
Private Street Area Included N/A
Floor Area [Registered]
1F: 34.71sqm, 2F: 36.36sqm, 
Total: 71.07sqm 
※Including unregistered area
Floor Area [Actual/Tape measured]
1F: 43.44sqm,  2F: 36.89sqm, 
3F: 10.15sqm, 
Total: 90.48sqm (approx. number)
Building Date Unspecifiable (The earliest record in the closed registry is 1928)
Building Structure Two Storey Wooden House (Current status: Three Storey Wooden House)
Size 3 Rooms + Living-Dining-Kitchen + Storeroom + Garden
Public Utility Electricity, Water Plumbing In/Out, City Gas
Renovation Fully renovated in Oct 2021.
New installation of water plumbing products (Bathroom, kitchen, toilet, basin, etc.), Repaired and repainted exterior walls, Replacement of fittings (exterior & interior), Interior refurbishment, Renewed flooring materials and tatami pads, Installation of floor heating system, Gardening, etc.
Land Use District Category 1 Low-Rise Exclusive Residential District
Legal Restrictions 10m / Height Control District, Piedmont Building Special Preservation and Improvement District Northern District, Close/Distant View Preservation Zone, Prior Consultation Zone, Outdoor Advertisement Category 2 Regulatory District, Residence Attraction Area, Built-up Urban District, Escarpment Ordinance, The minimum size of the land area is regulated as 100sqm when it’s divided.
Adjoining Street Street width: 2.7m~2.8m, Frontage: 5.9m, Direction: North (approx. number)
Street width: 1.3m, Frontage: 9.1m, Direction: West (approx. number)
Handover Immediately
Current Situation Vacant
Building Coverage Ratio 50%
Floor Area Ratio 80%
Land Category Residential Land
Land Tenure Title
Geographical Features Flatland
City Planning Act Urbanization Promotion Area
Elementary School Taishogun Elementary School (approx. 7 min walk/557m)
Junior High School Kitano Junior High School (approx. 14 min walk/1.08km)
Notification According to National Land Utilization Law Not Required
Remarks ※Approx. 3.4 sqm setback is required when rebuilding on this land.
※There is a retaining wall on the north side of the property site where the construction date, strength, and installer are unknown. The retaining wall violates the Escarpment Ordinance.
※This property has signed an MOU on cleaning and management costs for drainage pumps with the owner of the neighboring land on the west side.
※This property has signed an MOU regarding cross-border objects with the owner of the neighboring land on the east side.
※The steel-framed ground installed on the premises assumes a load of a medium-sized motorcycle to a bicycle only. Vehicles should not be parked there.
※Kyoto Building Karte will be acquired.
※Furniture is not included in the property price.
Transaction Terms Hachise as a Seller (No agent commission required)
Sale Representative (EN) Aya Kito/Boa Zhang/Kae Motokado
(JP) Yuki Fujihara
Information Updated November 29, 2021
Information will be Updated December 6, 2021
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