Dual Garden Traditional Japanese House

  • 二つの庭がつくるゆとりのある住まい(北区紫竹下梅ノ木町)
  • 二つの庭がつくるゆとりのある住まい(北区紫竹下梅ノ木町)
  • 二つの庭がつくるゆとりのある住まい(北区紫竹下梅ノ木町)
  • 二つの庭がつくるゆとりのある住まい(北区紫竹下梅ノ木町)
  • 二つの庭がつくるゆとりのある住まい(北区紫竹下梅ノ木町)
  • 二つの庭がつくるゆとりのある住まい(北区紫竹下梅ノ木町)
  • 二つの庭がつくるゆとりのある住まい(北区紫竹下梅ノ木町)
  • 二つの庭がつくるゆとりのある住まい(北区紫竹下梅ノ木町)

Enjoy nature and the changing seasons
A house that nourishes your mind and life

The Shichiku area in Kita Ward, an old residential area where nature and history are fused.

This is an over 90-year-old house built in the early Showa period, standing quietly at the end of a private approach.
Surrounded by gardens on both the north and south sides, it will be a pleasant space that takes in natural sunlight and wind with the greens.
The spacious interior has a large number of rooms and two stairs, making it a considerable choice for large families or a two-family house.

A property where you can enjoy the change of season, soak up the sunshine and start a comfortable life with your beloved ones.

  • 二つの庭がつくるゆとりのある住まい(北区紫竹下梅ノ木町)
  • 二つの庭がつくるゆとりのある住まい(北区紫竹下梅ノ木町)
  • 二つの庭がつくるゆとりのある住まい(北区紫竹下梅ノ木町)

Suggested Renovation Plan

“A brand new stay starting from this gate”

Live like a vacation

When I first went to see the house,
the neighbor kindly called out to me in a gentle voice.
Time was flowing so calmly and serenely that
I started to imagine how nice would it be to live a slow life here.

a life with your favorite family around
a life with your beloved ones around
a life with your favorite friends around

If you can feel a little extraordinary day by day,
every day becomes a fresh and comfy "new stay".

リノベーションプラン リノベーションプラン
Luxurious scenery created by two gardens that
fuse the large indoor and outdoor spaces

After entering the gate, the first thing you will notice is the stone approach on the floor, slowly leading to the front yard that allows you to forget the bustle of the city.
The Japanese-style front yard with scenic stones and gravel gently welcomes visitors also performs as a place to serve the guests.

The 1st floor will be a spacious and open living-dining-kitchen, which not only serves as a common space for the whole family but also for individual members to enjoy a relaxing me-time.

Another large garden connected to LDK at the back is like a "resort garden".
Here you can place some chic garden furniture on a wood deck, plant a symbol tree that shields the summer sun, add romantic garden lighting to lit up the night, etc. A gorgeous place as if you are staying in a resort hotel that heals your everyday life.

-please note-

1.The illustrations and photos shown are for illustrative purposes only. The above plan is an example of renovation.

2.This property is NOT sold under renovated conditions.

3.Please contact us for introductions of architects, designers and renovation contractors.

\Please also refer to some previous cases of renovation that we have done so far!/

previous cases of renovation (JP) launch

Current Plan

現状の間取り 現状の間取り

A spacious floor plan with two rows of rooms across the corridor on the first floor.
By the entrance is a calm Japanese garden with the old stone lantern and "Tsukubai" stone water bowl preserved.
Facing the front yard is a Japanese-style room and the living room. You may remodel them into an integrated space as a living-dining room where a large number of family members can gather and relax.

Since this property has two stairs, a floor plan that fits the different life-style of individual family members can be considered.
For example, using the inner part of the 2nd floor as bedrooms for the parents and children, and setting a public zone such as a study or working space/office on the front.
A property that can be used as a two-family house that keeps each household's privacy. It would be also nice to invite guests to stay from overseas and start your host family life!


※Click thumnails to enlarge photos

  • An antique wooden gate
  • Private approach that leads to the building entrance
  • Building entrance
  • Step of the entranceway made by natural wood
  • A wide entrance hall
  • Tatami room facing the front yard
  • Alcove of the 1st floor westeast Tatami room, decorated with bamboo and gravel
  • apanese garden by the entrance, with the old stone lantern and water bowl preserved
  • Porch of front yard
  • Retro glass with gorgeous chrysanthemum pattern
  • Front yard
  • Dining room facing the north  garden
  • The large opening overlooking the greens gives a sense of openness
  • Dining room and the south Tatami room
  • Viewing the south Tatami room and front yard from the dining
  • How about making good use of the spacious the back garden, such as building a wooden deck where you can BBQ with friends?
  • 1F southeast Tatami room
  • 1F southeast Tatami room with antique wooden-framed slide doors
  • Antique wooden-framed slide doors with retro glass
  • Spacious kitchen
  • Sanitary
  • Bathroom
  • Toilet
  • South-side staircase
  • South-side staircase 2F
  • Beautiful old wooden handrail
  • 2F southeast room in about 7.2 mat size
  • Japanese-style design features, such as the alcove and clay walls with exposed timber pillars, still remains.
  • 2F porch
  • Viewing front yard from 2F porch。
  • Alcove
  • 2F southwest room and staircase
  • 2F southwest Tatami room
  • 2F northwest room in about 6.9 mat size
  • 2F northwest room, bright with large windows
  • 2F northwest room
  • North-side staircase
  • 1F hallway
  • Viewing private approach and wooden gate from the front of building

Area Map

In addition to the shrines and temples that are typical of Kyoto, there are also plenty of chic cafes and small local shops dotted in the Shichiku area of Kita Ward.

This property is conveniently located in the vast Shichiku area, about a 7-minute walk (about 540m) to Subway Kitaoji Station and Kitaoji Vivre, a commercial facility for daily shopping with various shops such as variety shops and supermarkets.

In about 8 minutes (about 620m) walk, there is the upper stream of Kamo River, a place of relaxation that is familiar to the locals. Here you can enjoy a leisure walk, jogging, picnicking, etc. with the rich nature in your everyday life.

A town where nature and history are fused, and you can see the cultural cityscape in the laid-back nature.

エリアマップ エリアマップ
  • 賀茂川(鴨川)河川敷

    Kamo River
    Well-known as the "face of Kyoto". Cherry blossoms in spring, fresh green in summer, red leaves in autumn, and snowy scenery in winter show various faces throughout the year.

  • 地下鉄北大路駅

    Subway Kitaoji Station
    About 13 minutes by subway from Kyoto Station. Connect to the station is a bus terminal that allows convenient access to almost anywhere in Kyoto City.

  • やおやONE DROP

    Greengrocer ONE DROP
    Greengrocer that sells mainly local vegetables directly from producers. Although it is a small store, it has a wide selection of products.

  • 半木の道

    The 0.8km long "Nakaraginomichi" pathway between the Kamo River and Kyoto Botanical Gardens is a famous cherry blossom spot, where Yaebenishidare-Sakura trees bloom like a tunnel in spring.

Virtual Tour

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Property Price 29,800,000 JPY (Approx. USD *1JPY= USD)
*Jun 27, Under Offer
Type & Conditions Old House
Location 76-4 Shichiku-Shimoumenokicho, Kita Ward, Kyoto
Transportation Approx. 5 min. walk from Kyoto City Bus/Kyoto Bus "Higashitakanawacho Stop"
Approx. 7 min. walk from Subway Karasuma-line "Kitaoji Sta." Exit 1
Land Area 【Registered】140.28sqm
【Actual/Tape measured】143.45sqm (approx. number)
Private Street Area Included N/A
Floor Area 【Registered】1F: 57.52sqm, 2F: 51.23sqm
Total: 108.75sqm
Subsidiary Building:Toilet/One storey wooden house/3.30sqm
【Actual/Tape measured】
1F: 73.1sqm, 2F: 59.75sqm
Total: 132.85sqm (approx. number)
※Including unregistered area
Building Structure Two Storey Wooden House
Building Date 1927 according to the house evaluation report
Size 7 Rooms + Kitchen + 2 Gardens
Adjoining Street Street width: 3.28m (public street), Frontage: 1.45m, Direction: East (approx. number)
Public Utility Electricity, Water Plumbing In/Out, City Gas
Land Use District Category 1 Low-Rise Exclusive Residential District
Handover Immediately
Current Situation Vacant
Building Coverage Ratio 60%
Floor Area Ratio 100%
Legal Restrictions 10m / Height Control District, Quasi-Fire Prevent District, Mountainscape Preservation and Improvement District, Distant View Preservation Zone, Outdoor Advertisement Category 2 Regulatory District, Residence Attraction Area, Built-up Urban District, The minimum size of the land area is regulated as 80sqm when divided.
Land Category Residential Land
Land Tenure Title
Geographical Features Flatland
City Planning Act Urbanization Promotion Area
Notification According to National Land Utilization Law Not Required
Elementary School Houtoku Elementary School (approx. 5 min. walk/330m)
Junior High School Asahigaoka Junior High School (approx. 18 min. walk/1.4km)
Remarks ※This property is unrebuildable. You cannot rebuild any architectural structure on this land when the existing one is demolished or collapsed.
» Check here for more about rebuilding prohibited lands
※Renovation work is required due to it's aged deterioration.
※The property will be handed over as is.
※Furniture and equipment are not included in the property price.
Transaction Terms Hachise as a Seller (No agent commission required)
Sale Representative Kae Motokado
» Producer page of Kae
Information Updated June 27, 2022
Information will be Updated July 4, 2022