川と自然と、古民家。river stream, nature, and Kominka

Located at the western foot of Mount Hiei, north of Kyoto City, Kamitakano is an area close to nature surrounded by mountains and the Takano River, one of the tributaries of the Kamo River, flowing nearby.
The area is dotted with peaceful residences and famous temples with a long history, spreading out at the foot of the majestic Mt. Hiei.
Although far from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is an easy place to live, just a 2-minute walk from Miyake-Hachiman Station on the Eizan Electric Railway line.

This is a one-storey old Kominka house with a garden surrounding it. While having the old taste of a Kominka, the house makes you fantasize about what kind of renovation to do. With nature close by where you can feel the changing of the seasons, you will be able to fully enjoy a life where time flows slowly.

A river stream runs through the site. In the garden, there is a pond with a river running through it, and you can feel the babbling of the water and the wind rustling through the trees, stimulating all five senses.

The earthen floor space spreads out as you enter the entrance. There are two entrances - where the one on the north side can be used as the front door.

A fascinating spacious garden that allows your imagination runs wild. How about a vegetable garden, a wooden deck, and a BBQ space? Not to mention a parking lot. The fence surrounding the property has been cleaned up by Hachise in Jan. 2023.



  • Plan-A

    Vacation house with a leisure wooden deck

  • Plan-B

    House with a vegetable garden for home horticulturists

  • Plan-C

    A residence-cum-cafe that realizes your cafe dream

Plan-A "Vacation house with a leisure wooden deck"
Plan-A ウッドデッキでまどろむセカンドハウス

A relaxing place to spend weekends and vacations. Taking a spacious living room with a wooden deck connected to the opening. On a sunny day, open the windows, put your favorite rocking chair on the wooden deck, and take a nap. Isn't this the best relaxing time?

Plan-A "Vacation house with a leisure wooden deck"

Example design of the living room and wooden deck connected to the garden.Since this is a vacation house, it should be a space that creates a sense of luxury and extraordinary.

Brew a pot of coffee and enjoy on the outdoor chairs with a table.You may turn the large garden into your private family cafe.

Plan-B "House with a vegetable garden for home horticulturists"
Plan-B 土いじりを趣味にする家庭菜園のある住まい

Harvest self-growing vegetables, cook in the spacious kitchen, and enjoy them at the table with your family. Such a dream may finally come true in this house. The garden is large enough for a BBQ party, while the living room will be an earthen floor area to keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter with underfloor heating and a fireplace.

Plan-B "House with a vegetable garden for home horticulturists"

The earthen-floor space connects to the living room overlooks the vegetable garden. It is also a good place for fiddling with bicycles and for children to play.

The vegetables you harvest make for an exceptional meal. It may even improve your cooking skills!

Plan-C "A residence-cum-cafe that realizes your cafe dream"

How about using the earthen floor space to open a cafe or other store that doubles as a residence?With the spacious lot, it is also possible to provide a large parking space for the customers. However, since the property is located in a Category 1 low-rise residential district, restrictions in usage must be taken into consideration.


An old Kominka cafe that makes the most of its quaint atmosphere.The view of the large garden is also a charming point.

A fireplace at home to enjoy your old Kominka life!The warm flames will surely heal your body and mind during the cold winter.

  • ・The plans and photos shown are for illustrative purposes only. The above plans are examples of renovation.
  • ・This property is NOT sold under renovated conditions.
  • ・Please contact us for introductions of architects, designers and renovation contractors.
  • Hachise renovations archive 
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A quiet residential area yet has a natural setting with mountains nearby. Supermarkets and home centers are within cycling distance, making it an easy living environment. The area is also dotted with famous temples and shrines, giving it a Kyoto-like atmosphere.
The white wall is this property.


Miyake-Hachiman Shrine 
(approx. 11 min. walk from the property)

As a guardian deity of children, this shrine is known for its blessings such as settling baby seizures and night cries, healing children's illnesses, and academic success.


Rurikoin Temple 
(approx. 13 min. walk from the property)

This temple is famous for the maple trees viewed from the Shoin. It is a popular spot visited by many tourists in early summer when the green maple trees are in full bloom and in the season of autumn leaves.


Takaragaike Park 
(approx. 15 min. walk from the property)

There is a promenade where you can enjoy the borrowed scenery of Mt. Hiei and Kyoto International Conference Center. It is also a famous spot for families with play facilities for children.



Property Price 45,800,000 JPY (Approx. USD *1JPY= USD)
Type & Conditions Used House
Location 7-3 and other, Kamitakano-Inaricho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto
Transportations approx. 2 min. walk from Eizan Electric Railway "Miyake-Hachiman Sta."
approx. 18 min. walk from Subway Karasuma-line "Kokusaikaikan Sta." Exit 5
Land Area 【Registered】534.86sqm
【Actual/measured by surveyors】approx. 569.7sqm
Private Street Area Included N/A
Floor Area 【Registered】105.78sqm
【Actual/measured by surveyors】approx. 98.84sqm
Building Structure Single Storey Wooden House
Building Date Unspecifiable
Size 4 Rooms + earthen floor space + garden
Adjoining Street Street width: 3.88~4.02m, Frontage: 14.33m, Direction: North (approx. number)
Public Utility Electricity, Water Plumbing In/Out, City Gas
Land Use District Category 1 Low-Rise Exclusive Residential District
Legal Restrictions Piedmont Building Special Preservation and Improvement District, 10m / Height Control District, Scenic Space Preservation Zone, Distant View Presentation Zone, Outdoor Advertisement Category 2 Regulatory District, Suburban Development Control Area, Residence Attraction Area
Handover Immediately
Current Situation Vacant
Building Coverage Ratio 50%
Floor Area Ratio 80%
Land Category Residential Land
Geographical Features Flatland + Sloping land
Land Tenure Title
Notification According to National Land Utilization Law Not Required
Elementary School Kamitakano Elementary School (approx. 5 min. walk/380m)
Junior High School Shugakuin Junior High School (approx. 34 min. walk/2720m)
City Planning Act Urbanization Promotion Area
Remarks ※approx. 0.35sqm setback
※This property has obtained Kyo-tatemono Karte.
※Furniture is not included in the property price.
※The property will be handed over as is.
※The channel that draws water into the river stream that runs through the site may be converted into a stormwater gutter in the future.
Transaction Terms Hachise as a Seller (No agent commission required)
Sales Representative (EN) Aya Kito / Boa Zhang
(JP) Hiroyasu Fukui
Information Updated Mar 27, 2023
Information will be Updated Apr 3, 2023