Kyomachiya West of Nishihonganji Temple


a cozy Machiya approx. 8 min. from JR Sanin-line "Umekoji Kyoto-nishi" sta.

This cozy Kyomachiya offers a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Currently operating as a guesthouse, it is ideally situated within walking distance of the traditional Geisha district Shimabara and popular family attractions such as Kyoto Aquarium, Kyoto Railway Museum, and Umekoji Park. With its convenient location just one train stop away from Kyoto Station, it is a recommended choice for lodging facilities.

This property combines elegance and comfort in a compact space, making it suitable for various purposes such as residence, second house, cafe, or office. If used as a guesthouse, the property is already equipped with the necessary facilities and amenities to provide a pleasant stay for guests, ensuring a comfortable environment from the moment of arrival.

for investment

net yield 7.5%

gross yield 12%

※Yield is calculated by dividing the estimated annual rental income by the property purchase price.
※There is no guarantee that the current rental income will be obtained reliably in the future.
※Net yield is calculated based on income after deducting public dues and various expenses, but before income tax deduction.
※Gross yield is calculated based on income before deducting public dues, various expenses, and income tax.


Shimabara, located just about a 3-minute walk from the property, is a prestigious and historically significant Geisha district with over 400 years of history that is renowned throughout Japan. The culture of the area has been passed down to the present day, and it is home to the only current Tayu (highest-ranking Geisha) in Japan, who belongs to Shimabara's Wachigaiya, a Geisha house that combined with a tea house. The stone-paved streets surrounding Shimabara exude a serene beauty, offering a distinct atmosphere from the bustling Higashiyama area.

A short walk eastward from the property leads to Nishi-Honganji Temple. Here, visitors can participate in the morning service experience, chanting sutras together with the monks. Additionally, an annual traditional event called "Osusuharai" takes place on December 20th. During this event, participants hold bamboo poles in both hands and simultaneously strike the Tatami mats in the temple, creating a cloud of dust that is then swept away with large fans. By participating in such Buddhist rituals, one can seek purification of the mind and body.



Unlike the typical image of a cramped and dark Machiya, this house exudes a bright and spacious atmosphere. On the 1st floor, there is a Japanese-style room facing the street which is perfect for moments of concentration and a larger Japanese-style room for relaxing with family and friends. With the dining area positioned in between, it creates a sense of distance where you can perceive each other's presence without interfering. On the 2nd floor, there is a generously-sized Western-style room that is ideal for a master bedroom. While it is suitable for residential use, why not consider operating it as an accommodation where tourists can relax as if they were in their own homes?



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Property Price 42,800,000 JPY (Approx. USD *1JPY= USD)
*Aug 21, Under Offer
Type & Conditions Used House (Kyomachiya/One of 2 terraced houses)
Location 1-17 Ninintsukasacho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto
Transportations approx. 8 min. walk from JR Sanin-line "Umekoji Kyoto-nishi Sta."
approx. 5 min. walk from City Bus "Shimabaraguchi Stop"
Land Area 【Registered】55.86sqm
Private Street Area Included approx. 5.93sqm
Floor Area 【Registered】1F: 46.92sqm, 2F: 28.45sqm, Total: 75.37sqm
Building Structure Two-Storey Wooden House
Building Date Unspecifiable
Size 4 Rooms + Dining-Kitchen
Adjoining Street Street width: 2.85m (public street), Frontage: 4.15m, Direction: East (approx. number)
Public Utility Electricity, Water Plumbing In/Out, City Gas
Land Use District Category 1 Residential District
Legal Restrictions 15m / Category 2 Height Control District, Quasi-Fire Prevent District, Old Urban Type Aesthetic District, Close View Preservation Zone, Prior Consultation Zone, Distant View Preservation Zone, Outdoor Advertisement Category 4 Regulatory District, Urban Function Attraction Area, Residence Attraction Area, Established Urban Area
Handover TBD
Current Situation In Operation as a Guesthouse
Building Coverage Ratio 60%
Floor Area Ratio 160%
Land Category Residential Land
Geographical Features Flatland
Land Tenure Title
Notification According to National Land Utilization Law Not Required
Elementary School Umekoji Elementary School (approx. 6 min. walk/450m)
Junior High School Shimogyo Junior High School (approx. 17 min. walk/1.3km)
City Planning Act Urbanization Promotion Area
Remarks ※Setback approx. 2.38sqm
※The seller is not liable for any defects.
※Inn business licenses has been obtained in the name of the operating company. New owner needs to renew the licenses before continuing the operation as a lodging facility when changing the current operating company.
※Prior reservation is required before the viewing as the property is currently in operation as a guesthouse.
※The property will be handed over as is.
Transaction Terms Hachise as a Broker (Agent commission required when concluding contract)
Sales Represetative Boa Zhang
Information Updated Sept 25, 2023
Information will be Updated Oct 2, 2023
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