Original 3D Machiya Postcards

Finish a quick 5-10 minutes survey and you will be eligible to enter a draw for an original 3D Kyo-machiya postcard that you won't be able to find anywhere else. The Edo era Kyo-machiya on the postcard is the famous Sugimoto Residence designated as National Important Cultural Property. Total of 30 lucky winners will be selected.

*Click on the circle image to view more photos of the postcard.

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Ceramic Shoki guardian deity figures

On top of the survey, pick your favorite renovated machiya from the list below and share on either Facebook or Twitter (public post with the hashtag #hachisemachiya) to get a chance to win a ceramic Shoki figure. Shokis can be found on the roofs of the Kyo-machiyas in Kyoto as they are placed to ward off evil spirits.

*Please note that you are required to (1) finish the survey and (2) share your favorite renovated machiya in order to enter the draw for Shoki figures. Click here to see Terms & Conditions.

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Hachise Machiya Renovations 2011-2020

Hachise has renovated over hundreds of Kyo-machiyas over the years. We have hand-picked 10 fully renovated Kyo-machiyas over the last 10 years in different sizes, tastes, and designs. Enjoy browsing through the photos of these Kyo-machiyas and don't forget to share your favorite one on either Facebook or Twitter (public post with the hashtag #hachisemachiya) for a chance to win a ceramic Shoki figure. Click here if you wish to learn more on how Hachise renovated each of its Kyo-machiyas.

*You will be able to share the Kyo-machiya property through the SNS icons at the bottom of each page.