Together with Machiyas

Hachise, as a Kyoto-based real estate firm, has been taking an active role in saving old Kyo-machiyas and Kyoto cityscape since 1956.
Starting from 2014 we have launched our global website to provide real estate information of Kyoto and promote the traditional Kyo-machiyas to global customers.

“Bringing out the beauty and value in old houses” has always been one of our missions, and we believe that every single old house has its uniqueness with historical & cultural values behind it. With the concept of sustainability becoming increasingly important globally, not limited to Japanese Machiyas, this time we’d like to also celebrate the value of old-beauty and the diversity of traditional architectures all over the world, and you are all invited to join us!

Together with Machiyas, let’s promote the beauty of old buildings over the world.

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Entry Guidelines

  1. Follow "Hachise Global" Facebook page, or "kyotohachise" instagram page.
  2. Post a photo of any traditional buildings* with a short caption and hashtag #HachisePhotocon2022
  3. Post your photo (rememeber to set it public) and collect as much "likes" as you can!
  4. Entry period (*entended!): 1st April - 31th May 2022

Definition of "traditional building" here: old architecture that is based on the community's building standards and traditions, particularly before new materials (such as steel & reinforced concrete) and building techniques started to appear.

Please note that you are required to (1) follow hachiseglobal facebook page OR kyotohachise instagram page and (2) share your photo of a traditional architecture during the entry period in order to enter the photo contest. Click here to see Terms & Conditions.

how to enter how to enter how to enter


Two winners will be selected from the entrants, one as the winner of Hachise Award and the other as Most-liked Award.

Hachise Award - One winner, whose photo best demonstrates the beauty and the story behind the traditional house, will be selected from Hachise will be presented a USD$300 valued eGift card of apple or

Most-liked Award - One winner with the most number of "like" on facebook/instagram will be presented a USD$100 valued eGift card of apple or

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