These lattices used on windows are said to have been introduced for self-defense after the Ōnin Civil War. The structure enables sunlight to enter the building while shielding the interior from the public eye outside. The shape of the lattices reflected the profession of the owner.


Yarn Shop Lattice

Used mainly in textile shops, such as shops selling kimono or stores selling thread and twine, this type of lattice is designed to allow enough light into the interior so as to enable the people inside to be able to distinguish the colors of the merchandise properly.


Liquor Shop Lattice, Rice Shop Lattice

Used by sake (rice wine) and rice merchants, these lattices were made very sturdily so that they would not get damaged even if hit by heavy casks or rice sacks. Unlike other types, these lattices cannot be easily removed.


Lattice of a House for Residential Only

This type of lattice is used for residential-only machiya. Utilizing s narrower muntins, the spaces between each vary from house to house.