We support foreign customers throughout the purchasing procedures for a smooth, comfortable transaction.
These services are completely free of charge.

Communication in English

English is available when making an inquiry or communicating/discussing with our staff. Feel free to contact us!

NOTE: The governing language of the contract is JAPANESE ONLY. Unfortunately, we do not provide any official translations of contract documents. (See “How to Buy” for the details.)

Purchasing consultation

Our staff will provide consultation and expertise regarding property purchases in Kyoto such as price range, recommended locations, method of tax payment, etc. We provide consultation both face-to-face and via email.

However, please note that we do not inform our customers individually on new property information and/or updates.

Introducing of Reliable Partners

We introduce you to well skilled, reliable experts who conduct business in English, such as solicitors/attorneys or tax accountants.

Introducing of Insurance

If you have a Japanese speaking representative in Japan, we can offer you a fire insurance as with Japanese customers. Otherwise, we can also introduce you to a company that provides insurance to home-owners living outside of Japan.