Kyo-machiya fully renovated with selected Japanese materials.
Located in a narrow quiet alley in a popular Okazaki area.

Spacious Kyo-machiya which accommodates 6 guests,
renovated with an authentic Japanese materials
such as cypress-walled bathtub room, black bamboo wall,
texture carved wooden floor and so on.

It’s located down a narrow alley from Marutamachi Street
where you can find antique shops, cafes and bakeries, etc.

Okazaki is a culturally attractive area where various facilities
such as Kyoto Municipal Museum of Are or Kyoto Prefectural Library are located.

There are also many popular places within walking distance
such as Heian Shrine with an outstanding big red gate,
Biwako canal where you can admire beautiful Sakura trees in a spring
and Imperial Palace where guests can enjoy their daily walk or jog around there.

This Kyomachiya is located in an alleyway off Marutamachi Street.
We have renovated it into a high quality space using carefully selected materials such as Japanese cypress bath, black bamboo walls, and Naguri woodworking floors.
KyoTreat Shogoin can comfortably accommodate 6 people.

Floor plan


※The beddings in photos are the examples when an optional Comfort Service is applied.


京町家のマンスリー短期賃貸物件 京別邸 聖護院 京町家のマンスリー短期賃貸物件 京別邸 聖護院 京町家のマンスリー短期賃貸物件 京別邸 聖護院 京町家のマンスリー短期賃貸物件 京別邸 聖護院 京町家のマンスリー短期賃貸物件 京別邸 聖護院 京町家のマンスリー短期賃貸物件 京別邸 聖護院 京町家のマンスリー短期賃貸物件 京別邸 聖護院 京町家のマンスリー短期賃貸物件 京別邸 聖護院 京町家のマンスリー短期賃貸物件 京別邸 聖護院 京町家のマンスリー短期賃貸物件 京別邸 聖護院

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Electronics TV/Refrigerator/Freezer/Rice Cooker/Electric Kettle/Toaster Oven/Microwave Oven/Hair Dryer/Washing Machine/Clothes Iron/Ironing board/Vacuum Cleaner/Heating/Fan etc.
Furniture Dining Table etc.
Amenities Cleaning Tools/Cooking Utensils/Tableware etc.
Internet Free Wi-Fi
Parking Not available

* Some of the accommodations have beds, but beddings are not provided.
We recommend utilizing the optional Comfort Service (includes bedding) or house keeping services.

* Amenities differ depending on accommodations. Please ask our staff for the details.


Rent 420,000 JPY / Per Month (Includes utility charges)
Deposit / Key Money 50,000 JPY / Not applicable
Type of Contract Lease Agreement for Temporary Use (Minimum 1 month)
Max Capacity 6 People (Bed: 4 People / Futon Space: 2 People)
Restrictions Smoking, pets, and instruments are not allowed.
Location 25-22 Shogoin-Kawahara-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-city
Access Approx 8min walk from Keihan Railway "Jingu-Marutamachi Sta"
Size 3 rooms + LDK + Garden
Floor Area 1st Floor: 58.28 sqm 2nd Floor: 41.38 sqm Total: 99.61 sqm
Building Structure Two Storey Wooden House
Building Date Unspecifiable
Transaction Terms Hachise as a Lessor's Agent
Person in Charge Yuki Kounosu
Information updated May 29, 2023
Information will be updated June 5, 2023


◎:Available for move-in and stay
○:Available for stay, but not available for move-in
×:Not available


Vacation Rentals at "KyoTreat" SHOGOIN in summer

  • Reviewer : Urufu
  • Place: Chiba
  • Review Date: Sep,2016
  • Staying period:28th of June, 2015

I stayed at Shogoin for 3 months from end of June in 2015 with other two people on business purpose. Luckily, we were the first ones to stay after the renovation was done, so that we could enjoy the luxurious time and atmosphere with subtle scent of fine wood there. Especially, we looked forward to taking a bath every day with the smell of Japanese cypress and a wide space that even adults can enjoy with their legs relaxed while watching bamboos through windows. Wearing “Jinbei”, a kind of traditional Japanese clothing for summer, with “Sensu(a fan)”and a beer in hands in the small but well-maintained garden…. The dining table in TV room is massive and wide enough for six people. Nothing is inconvenient for lining up dishes. The location is awesome. It’s quiet all day long and close to both sightseeing spots and business areas. If I had to mention some negative points, it would be the mirror in the washroom that is too dark to see and also the storage space for clothes was not enough. Overall, it is one of the best memories of my life. Thank you very much.
[ *This review is translated from the original written in Japanese. ]


Hachise Co. Ltd.
Business Hour: 10:00 – 17:00
Closed: Wednesday, Sunday, Public Holiday, July 17th (Due to traffic control for Gion Festival), Summer Vacation, New Year’s Holiday
* Please see our Business Calendar for the details.

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