The pleasant tranquility flowed in from the street.
A breeze raced through the 3-leveled building.
Beyond the serene ambiance and landscape
is a home akin to being in the midst of clouds.

伏見深草 祥雲の家

Home of Serene Clouds

Bright dining space for family gatherings

Gather around the dining table set on the raised Tatami corner. The elegant tiled open kitchen adds to the brightness of the dining area.

Relaxation Haven

Apart from the expansive Living-Dining-Kitchen, there are 3 other rooms that provide ample space for your needs. A built-in desk designed for remote work allows you to enjoy your tasks or reading while gazing at the garden.

Stylish Black Facade

A chic facade with black exterior walls and wooden-framed windows. The garage can accommodate bicycles, with an additional storage space in the back.

Welcome to the Home of Serene Clouds!

From the kitchen to the dining area and living room, everything is linearly connected, extending further to a spacious balcony. The high-pitched ceiling provides both an open atmosphere and a cozy feeling, just like being in the midst of clouds.

floor plan


Suggested usages of the garage

Instead of using the garage as just storage, why not expand its potential for your hobbies?
Here are some imaginative ideas.

(Note: Dimensions depicted are for illustration purposes and may not be exact. Height is approximately 1.5m.)

  • バイク好きのガレージ

    Garage for Motorbike and Bicycle Enthusiasts

    Park your motorbikes or bicycles and use the space for maintenance. You can DIY shelves and counters to create a dedicated area for your beloved vehicles.

  • バイク好きのガレージ

    Home Camping Haven

    Utilize the garage to store camping gear. It could even house a wine cellar for your favorite wines! Pull out some chairs and enjoy wine tasting – a perfect setup!

  • バイク好きのガレージ

    Dream Manga Room

    For manga enthusiasts, create a bookshelf filled with manga – a dream manga room. The pathway leading down from the children's room could evoke a secret hideaway sensation.



To the north lies Tofukuji Temple, renowned for its maple leaves, while to the south, Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine attracts many visitors seeking prosperous businesses.
This standalone house is nestled in a residential area between these tourist attractions.
Just a 4-minute walk from Keihan's "Tobakaido Station", this is a location convenient for commuting and studying.


virtual tour

Drag/Swipe the screen, or click the arrows on the screen to tour.

special featuring


Stylish-designed Fire Extinguisher by Hatsuta Seisakusho

For disaster preparedness, how about keeping a fire extinguisher on hand, just in case? The stylishly designed fire extinguishers offered by Hatsuta Seisakusho feature artistic designs that seamlessly blend into your living space, adding a touch of style. You can view them during our open house events as well.

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Property Price 52,800,000 JPY (Approx. USD *1JPY= USD)
Type & Conditions Used House (One of 3-terraced houses)
Location 43-5, 43-3 Fukakusa-Ganshocho, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto
Transportations approx. 6 min. walk from Keihan mainline "Tobakaido Sta."
approx. 17 min. walk from Subway Karasuma-line "Juso Sta." Exit 1
Floor Area 【Registered】no.43-5: 81.71sqm, no.43-3: 24.49sqm (equity one-third)
Private Street Area Included N/A
Floor Area 【Registered】1F: 57.95sqm, 2F: 38.44sqm, Total: 96.39sqm
【Actual/Tape measured】1F: 55.96sqm, 2F: 36.99sqm, Garage: 10.95sqm, Total: 103.9sqm
(approx. number/including unregistered area)
Building Structure Two-Storey Wooden House
Building Date Unspecifiable (the earliest tax record in the house evaluation report is 1912)
Size 3 Rooms + Living-Dining-Kitchen + Garage + Garden
Adjoining Street Street width: 3.4m (public road), Frontage: 2.65m, Direction: West (approx. number)
Public Utility Electricity, Water Plumbing In/Out, City Gas
Land Use District Category 1 Low-Rise Exclusive Residential District
Legal Restrictions 10m / Height Control District, Piedmont Aesthetic District, Outdoor Advertisement Category 2 Regulatory District, Close View Preservation Zone, Prior Consultation Zone, Residence Attraction Area, Established Urban Area
Handover Immediately
Current Situation Vacant
Building Coverage Ratio 50%
Floor Area Ratio 80%
Land Category Residential Land
Geographical Features Flatland
Land Tenure Title
Notification According to National Land Utilization Law Not Required
Elementary School Inari Elementary School (approx. 6 min. walk/430m)
Junior High School Fukukasa Junior High School (approx. 27 min. walk/2,160m)
City Planning Act Urbanization Promotion Area
Renovation Works Fully renovated by Hachise in June 2023
Replaced gas piping and water/drainage piping of the whole building, Renewed water heater, Renewed water plumbing facilities, Gardening, etc.
Remarks ※approx. 1.68sqm setback
※Furniture shown in photos is not included in the property price.
Transaction Terms Hachise as a Seller
Sales Representative Aya Kito
Information Updated Dec 11, 2023
Information will be Updated Dec 18, 2023

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