※Event finished, thank you for your participation.[2019.12.07] Kitano Area, Kyoto city

Kyotoite Walk - Tour of Kitano Area by Machiya owner

Come explore the Kitano area together with Hachise and the owner of KyoTreat Kitano. You will be guided through the inside of KyoTreat Kitano and be able to experience the hospitality of its owner through a simple tea ceremony. We will take a walk in the stone-paved streets of Kamishichiken and visit a local weaving equipment supplier, a temple with the oldest wooden building in existence in Kyoto city, and finish up by having a relaxing lunch together with garden view of the Kamishichiken Kaburencho.

This event is suitable for those who:

  • Wants to live in the Kitano area in the future.
  • Wants to know more about the shops and people of Kitano Area.
  • Wants to know more about the KyoTreat monthly rental service provided by Hachise.
  • Wants to hear from those who have purchased and lived in a KyoMachiya.
  • Wants to exchange information with people who are also interested in KyoMachiya.
  • ※ THE EVENT HAS REACHED ITS MAXIMUM CAPACITY. Reservation is now closed.

Time Table

Time Content
9:45 Meet in front of KyoTreat Kitano.
10:00 ~ 11:00 Simple tea ceremony and property viewing with KyoTreat owner.
11:10 ~ 11:30 Visiting Inagaki Manual Weaving Supplies Ltd.
・Producing and selling weaving equipment in Nishijin neighborhood for over 100 years
11:40 ~ 12:00 Visiting Daihoon-ji Temple.
・Main hall is said to be the oldest wooden building in existence in Kyoto city
12:10 ~ 13:00 Lunch at Salon Kamishichiken.
・With garden view of the Kamishichiken Kaburencho where Geishas perform
*There is no Geisha performance during the event.

Tour Guide (Machiya Owners)

★Sachiko Sugimoto

While living in a different area of Kyoto city, Sachiko decided to have a second house in the Kitano area where she could feel the most authentic and Kyoto-like atmosphere. As the area has flourished by Nishijin textile, Sachiko could enjoy her hobby of weaving even more by exploring the weaving shops around.

Being someone who has experienced living abroad in the United States and the U.K., she fully understands the importance of knowing the neighborhood and its people. She hopes that more people will be able to see the beauty of Kitano area through this tour.

Hachise Staff


The main person in charge of managing KyoTreat properties. Kanae loves cute Japanese-style accessories.


Having studied in Australia, New Zealand and Norway, Aya communicates well with KyoTreat guests and owners.


Steven makes web pages in English and enjoys coming up with new ideas to promote KyoMachiya.


KyoTreat Kitano / Vacation Rental Machiya

Event Detail

Date December 7th, 2019
Time 10:00-13:00 (Entrance from 9:45)
Fee ¥1,000 per person (Lunch included. No refund after payment has been confirmed.)
Payment PayPal (Payment instruction will be sent from Hachise staff.)
Capacity 8 people (Maximum 2 people per group)
Language English and Japanese
Deadline Nov 27th, 2019 (Reservation will be closed once we reach the maximum capacity)
Note ・The priority of this event goes to our guests who are staying in the KyoTreat properties at the time of the event.