We want the beauty of Kyoto to be everlasting.

Since 1956, Hachise has been taking part of Kyoto's city development as a real estate firm.

Now, we focus on traditional Japanese townhouses, Kyo-Machiya, to give them new concepts and new lives through renovation. These old houses can be reborn to give Kyoto more energy and help keep the overall scenery of the city.

Our goal is to help you match with these Kyo-Machiyas, and to keep the beautiful cityscape everlasting.

  • 3. Every single property is unique.

    Rather than building new houses from scratch, we find more value in giving new life to old houses in order to preserve the history and atmosphere. These properties are also transformed to fit modern lifestyle in the forms of guest houses or share houses.

    We want each of the property to match with an owner who values the Machiya as much as we do.

  • 1.Hachise has over 60 years of history and result.

    Hachise had established its presence in Kyoto's real estate industry for the last 60 years with over 4,000 properties sold and more than 600 were Kyo-Machiyas. We have the confidence in providing all the information you need when purchasing or selling a property in Kyoto.

    Our effort has also been recognized by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as we were rewarded with the 'Innovative House Reform Providers' award in 2014.

  • 2. We support you from buying, selling, to operating.

    The most unique feature of Hachise is how we help coordinate the overall process of buying, selling, and operating real estates.

    We have staffs who are knowledgeable and experienced in the real estate market in Kyoto, renovating, maintaining, and even managing Kyo-Machiyas. Let us help whether you are thinking to buy or sell a property in Kyoto.

    We have also helped more and more foreigners settle in Kyoto in recent years.




Old machiyas were mostly built before WII with the traditional method,
and they do not meet the current requirements of the Building Standards Act.
Therefore, it is very difficult to rebuild these traditional structures.
As a result, many of the old Machiyas are just waiting to be torn down.

However at Hachise, we find values in these Machiyas.
Leave your property to us as our staffs are experienced in the real estate market of Kyoto,
and can provide consultation in matters like taxation and legal regulations in Japan.

*Page only available in Japanese at the moment. English page coming soon.



At Hachise, we can provide you different options to lease your property.
For those who have purchased *houses renovated by Hachise, we offer the “Rental Home Management“ to help you lease and manage your property while you are away. We are currently managing of around 40 rental properties ranging from Kyo-Machiya townhouses to modern condos.
*Unfortunately we do not accept applications for properties that were purchased or renovated outside of Hachise.



While Kyoto has already established its image as one of the top tourist attractions in the world,
experience life in Kyoto as a residence is actually not a far-fetched idea.
As you may have already experienced and awed with the natural and cultural beauties of Kyoto,
why not make these experiences part of your daily life?

At Hachise, we not only have varieties of Machiyas throughout Kyoto city,
but we also provide the support you before and after purchasing a property in Japan.
It is our goal to pass on these cultural treasures of Kyoto to people who also share the same passion and ideas.

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As a city with more than thousands of history and pride,
Kyoto may not be an easy place for foreigners to settle and blend in.
Before making the decision to purchase a property in Kyoto, we also recommend you to try monthly stays in our vacation properties KyoTreat.

KyoTreat properties are renovated Kyo-Machiyas that are suitable for families or group of friends.
Why not make it your first step to a new life in Kyoto by having a monthly stay with family and friends?

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  • q1I am interested in buying properties in Kyoto but I don't live in Japan.

    aWe have been getting increasing number of contacts from foreign clients and have supported many of them in successfully purchasing a property in Kyoto. Please feel free to Contact Us to share your current situation or any questions that you may have. We are happy to help you find the right property.

  • q2What is the standard process to purchase a property in Kyoto?

    aOnce you have found a property that you are interested in, please contact us through the contact form. You also need to arrange several visits to Kyoto for property viewing, signing contract, and property handover. For more detail please visit our How To Buy page.

  • q3How can I manage my property when I am outside of Kyoto?

    a As part of our *after service, we provide home maintenance service while you are away. For long term solutions, we can also help lease your property to keep a steady income flow. For more detail please visit Our Service page.
    *Requirement and limitations for each service may differ depending on the property.

  • q4I am worried about blending into the local communities of Kyoto.

    a While each neighborhood differs, we recommend you to try making a monthly stay at our vacation rental KyoTreat.
    These properties are renovated Kyo-Machiyas. Some of them are big enough for families or group of friends, and can help you get an idea of how it's like living in Kyoto as a resident.


  • Preserve Kyo-Machiya.

    All over Japan, especially in rural areas, empty houses have been increasing, and the Machiyas in Kyoto are no exception.

    There are about 47,000 Machiyas in Kyoto and 5,000 of which are empty or abandoned. As the current law has strict policies in rebuilding Machiyas, every year 2% of these Machiyas are being torn down.

    As more and more of the Machiyas are being changed into apartments, hotels, or even parking lots, the awareness of Machiya preservation is rising and Hachise is making all the effort to stop this problem.

  • Bring out the beauty and value in old houses.

    There is no meaning to just preserve old houses and watch them decade by time. Instead, we want to give them new lives through renovation.

    We stopped valuing properties just based on the year it was built, because we believe every single Machiya has its own beauty and value as it aged with historical and cultural values behind.

    For us, Machiyas are not simply properties or products, but rather valuable pieces of puzzles that completed Kyoto as a city.

  • Keep Kyoto beautiful, and then pass it on.

    As one of the major cities that represent Japan, Kyoto attracts tourists from all over the world not only because of the world heritage sites, but also the Machiyas that help complete the overall city scape of Kyoto city.

    Through the 1,200 years of history in Kyoto, architectures and buildings have their own unique beauty and culture from the time that they were built.

    At Hachise, we want the beautiful city scape and history of Kyoto to be passed on the future generations.