Lease Management

Let us advertise and manage your property so you can sit back and relax.

Hachise has mediated and advertised more than 100 Kyo-Machiya rentals to date, and are currently managing of around 50 rental properties ranging from Kyo-Machiya townhouses to modern condos.

With our extensive experience with Kyo-Machiya, and the skills we have acquired along the way, we are confident in providing management services of the highest caliber, so that our clients can sit back and relax without any concerns.

You are thinking of renting your house
Free Consultation
For efficient operation of your property, our professional staff will provide consultation regarding rental conditions, rent amount etc., free of charge.
Make an agent contract with us
Advertisement on website
To recruit and attract tenants effectively, we will design and create individual webpages for your property, and list them on our website. We are well-known as a Kyo-Machiya specialist, and our Japanese website records around 350,000 page views per month. Many of our viewers are not just seeking for properties, but they have become avid followers of our website which is constantly updated and renewed with changes and/or information regarding our properties.
Contract with tenant
We will introduce and show your properties to prospective tenants. We also evaluate tenants, help you prepare contract documents, as well as explain important issues to tenants in advance, before the contract conclusion.
Conclude rental contract with tenant
Rent Collection
We will collect rent on your behalf from tenants monthly, and wire/transfer the proceeds to your bank account after deduction of our fees. In our management service, all of the tenants are required to make a guarantee contract with 4c's (external link).
Emergency Response
In case of emergency or troubles affecting your property or tenants, we respond to calls and take appropriate initial actions. If the need for construction requiring special skills and/or licenses arise, (related to plumbing, gas, electricity, etc.) we will introduce you to service providers. This service is available from 9:00AM to 6:00PM, Monday through Saturday, with the exception of our company holidays.

If the tenant is a Japanese speaker, he/she can contact Cosmo Maintenance (external link) directly 24-7.
End of rental
Vacating Procedure
We will communicate and discuss with tenants on your behalf, upon vacating, regarding restoring the property to its original state, money settlement, etc. After the tenants have vacated, we will then visit your property to confirm the state and situation.

General Conditions

  • The leasing service only applies to properties that purchased from Hachise and within Kyoto City.
  • This service includes rental agency and management, such as rent collection, wire transfers, emergency response, and advertisements on our website.
  • For residential use only. Tenants should be individuals. For commercial property management please contact us seperately.
  • Wire transfer is available for oversea bank accounts as well, however bank commissions need to be paid by the owner. The owner will recieve the wire transfer of payments every June and December.
  • Type of rental contract:
    <Fixed-term rental contract>
    Contract is not renewed at the end of the term. Another contract may be made and concluded upon agreement of both parties. Procedures for altering the rent is stipulated in the contract.


  • Agent commission:

    1 month rent + Consumption tax
  • Management fee [ Jan 2024 updated ]:

    ・Hachise renovated properties: 8,800 JPY / month (tax included)
    ・Other properties: 11,000 JPY / month (tax included)
    ※For properties with a monthly rent over 200,000 JPY: 5% (+tax) / month (max. 33,000 JPY).
  • Web page design & Advertising fee [ Jan 2024 updated ]:

    ・Using the same web page design as the existing property selling page: from 44,000 JPY (tax included)
    ・Making a new web page: from 88,000 JPY (tax included)
    ※Web page design fee varies from design & content. Please contact us for details.


    ・Management fee will be deducted from the collected rent, and the balance will be wired/transferred to your bank account.

Actual expenses

  • Utility costs, internet fee, and supply/material costs necessary for providing management services.
  • Charges for any repair works done or neccessary maintances.


    ・Actual expenses incurred will be deducted from the collected rent together with the management fee.

Whyis weekly rental not available?

Under Japanese law, weekly or daily renting of a property is deemed to be a hotel business rather than residential house renting, and is subject to limitations of “Hotel Business Act”. This act demands the owner to install facilities specific to inns and hotels, such as emergency exit lights. In addition, owners of inns are subject to income tax, which must be paid monthly. This is too time-consuming for the manager. Therefore, our company only provides management services for residential houses with term of a month or more.