Short-term Rental Machiya that makes for an easier way to experience
Kyoto Life & Machiya Life

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in Kyoto?

Staying as a tourist and living as a resident is a completely different experience in every sense of the word.

Living in Kyoto will let you see a whole new side of the city — one you will never find in a book or a tourist guide.

Come experience “Vacation Rentals KyoTreat”. Discover a new Kyoto, full of excitement and new possibilities. We promise you a wonderful experience you will cherish for a lifetime.

  • Vacation Rentals KyoTreat
  • Vacation Rentals KyoTreat
  • Vacation Rentals KyoTreat
  • Vacation Rentals KyoTreat

an authentic Kyoto experience with KyoTreat

Vacation Rentals KyoTreat
  • Machiya Experience

    Machiya Experience

    With KyoTreat, you can easily start the Kyomachiya experience you've been longing for.

    Learn more here: What is a Machiya?

  • Machiya Experience

    Flat rate accommodation for family

    Unlike other accommodations, any number of people can stay at a flat rate as long as it is within the occupancy limit.

  • Machiya Experience

    Trial Living as a Kyotoite

    Live like a Kyotoite, discover places among the locals who really know. Go beyond ordinary tourist activities to enjoy truly authentic travel experiences that might bring you unforgettable, sometimes even life-changing, memories.

  • Machiya Experience


    Your home from home for a long-term business trip or workation. How about escaping from your routine workplace and work in an inspiring new environment, yet with all the comforts of home?

  • Machiya Experience


    KyoTreat not only provides easy access withing Kyoto City but also neighbourhood prefectures such as Osaka, Nara, and Shiga. Monthly based rental period also allows you plenty of time to fully discover the city.

  • Machiya Experience

    Easy move-in & Foreign friendly

    Normally you'll need to go through long processes such as finding a guarantor, paying key money and bound by a min. 2 years contract period for renting a home. With Kyotreat, you can get away from those troubles and move in immediately.

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