Privacy Policy

Hachise Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hachise) collects and uses the name, address, telephone number, email address, and other personal information within this Website in order to expedite business and provide our customers with optimal service. Hachise handles the personal information it collects according to the following rules and guidelines and makes every effort to protect the valuable personal information of its customers.

Why Hachise collects and uses personal information

Hachise uses personal information for the following purposes:

  1. To search for the other party of real estate sales agreements and lease agreements, to conclude sales/purchase, lease, brokerage, management, and other agreements (as well as their co-signing agreements), and to provide services based on these agreements.
  2. To provide real estate–related sale, lease, broker, management, and other information.
  3. To provide information concerning post-agreement follow-up services.
  4. To provide information to third parties when doing so is within the scope of the uses stated in 1. 2. and 3. above.
  5. To implement and to provide information and services for insurance agreements for real estate handled by Hachise.
  6. To introduce the customer to products and services of our partners that Hachise believes are of interest to our customers.
  7. For postal mail, telephone, email, and other sales and marketing to provide the products, information, and services stated in 1. 2. 3. 5. and 6. and to conduct research and analysis about customer behavior and product development.
  8. To send out commemorative goods, ordered products, and requested samples, catalogs, and other items.
  9. To provide information to Hachise group companies.

When requested by the person concerned, Hachise does not provide information and services from then on.

Types of information collected

Information collected is primarily the following personal information:

  1. Name, gender, birthdate (age), home address, telephone number, fax number.
  2. Generally sought real estate–related property information (location, structure, site and building size, floor plan, fixtures and fittings etc.)
  3. Other information requested on applications, contracts, questionnaires, etc. This information is used for the purpose of collecting the personal information described above.

Providing to and sharing information with third parties

Hachise does not disclose, provide, or share personal information collected from customers except in the following cases. Information provided are items required for conducting business, such as full name, address, telephone number, property information, and contract information. The information is provided via printed documents, telephone, email, Internet, advertising media, and so on. When requested by the person concerned, Hachise does not provide information to any third party from then on.

  1. When the customer has given consent.
  2. When required by law to disclose and provide information.
  3. When providing information to the other party of a contract or to person’s interested in a sale/purchase or lease.
  4. When providing information to a management company in order to perform real estate management duties.
  5. When providing information to a postal or delivery business in order to contact customers, deliver products, and so on.
  6. When providing information to a solicitor/attorney, real estate surveyor, or other certified professional concerned with registration matters.
  7. When providing information to a financial institution concerning financing-related matters.
  8. When providing information to an affiliated property and casualty insurance company.
  9. When providing information to an indemnity underwriting company, credit data company, or to a third-party with the consent of the customer.
  10. When providing real estate–related property information to partner businesses or to any of the government-designated Real Estate Information Network Systems (REINS) (for information registration or agreement notifications). When supplying information to REINS for searching the other party of an agreement and when forming agreements for properties registered in REINS, personal information is used as follows:
    1. When a contract is concluded, REINS are notified of the date, contract price, and the like.
    2. REINS provide property information and agreement information (agreement information consists of property overview, agreement date, contract price, and other information, not including the names of the seller, buyer, landlord, and tenant) in electronic and printed form to businesses engaged in real estate transactions and public corporations that are members of REINS for use in REINS business as defined under the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act.

    NOTE: When an exclusive right-to-sell agreement or exclusive agency listing agreement has been concluded, the Building Lots and Buildings Transactions Business Act requires the real estate business concerned to register and provide the contract information to the designated REINS system.

  11. When storing information at the customer’s request or as necessary to fulfill objectives stated in 10. above.
  12. When storing records and related documentation as required under Article 49 of the Building Lots and Buildings Transactions Business Act.
  13. When conducting real estate buying- and selling-related or renting-related price valuation.
    In addition, in some cases agreement information used for price valuation may be provided to a client as the "basis for the valuation," as established in Section 34.2.2 of the Building Lots and Building Transactions Act.
  14. When an emergency makes it necessary to provide information in order to protect life, physical well-being, or assets.

Customer requests to disclose, change, or suspend use of information

Customers who do not want to grant permission to use personal information or have it provided to third parties are requested to submit their request to the contact below. When submitting such a request, however, it may not be possible to use our services.
When a customer requests disclosure of his/her personal information, we will respond to the request after verifying the identity of the person making the request and unless there is no extraordinary reason to decline the request.
For disclosure, applications, and requests, please go to the reception counter on the first floor of the head office and bring your public personal identification (or letter declaring power of attorney for representatives) with you.
If the personal information we have on record is incorrect, please notify us so that we can correct it.

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