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Do you own properties in Kyoto?

At Hachise, we find values in Kyo-Machiyas.
Leave your property to us as our staffs are experienced in the real estate market of Kyoto, and can provide proper evaluation of your property.

Why Hachise?

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The Hachise Brand

Hachise for the last 60 years have sold over 4,000 properties and more than 600 of them were Kyo-Machiyas. As an expert of Kyo-Machiya and other used properties in Kyoto, Hachise has established its presence among Kyoto and Machiya lovers who may be looking for the property you own. Learn about us on who we are and what we do.

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Flexible Evaluation of Used Properties

As a rule of thumb in Japan, value of wooden houses becomes zero after 20 years and most people favor newly constructed houses. However, we stopped valuing properties just based on its age because we believe every single Machiya has its own beauty and value. That is why we evaluate used properties by reflecting their historical and cultural values.

Why Kyo-Machiya?

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Resale Value of Kyo-Machiyas

Among different types of used properties, Kyo-Machiyas often have higher resale value than what people would expect mainly due to two reasons:

・Rarirty - Only about 40,000 Kyo-Machiyas remains in Kyoto city and more and more being torn down each year. Most importantly, these Machiyas that were built before 1950 with the traditional construction method cannot be rebuilt under the current Building Standard Act in Japan so the number can only go down.

・Location - Most Kyo-Machiyas in Kyoto city are accessible via bus or train, and many are within walking distance to world hertiage sites.

Learn more about Kyo-Machiya here.

Non-Machiya properties

We also accept non-Machiya properties as long as they are located within Kyoto city, including vacant lands.


1. Contact Us

Let us know about the information of your property, or any concerns you have in terms of selling your property through our contact form. We will get back to you within 3-5 days.

2. Field Inspection

In order to provide a fair evaluation of your property, we will need to conduct a proper field inspection to have a better understanding of your property's condition.

3. Property Assessment

After the field inspection, we will assess the value of your property. This will generally take a week or two.

4. Price Confirmation

We will provide you price estimations of your property when (A) direclty sold to Hachise or (B) open for sale on the market.

5. Property Sold / Open for sale

Base on your request, you can either choose to sell your property (A) directly to Hachise, or (B) we can help you sell your property as sales broker via our website and local networks. For (B), there are three different types of agreements available. Consult with us to find out more.

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Questions? Let us know.

Not sure what is the best way to sell your property? Want to see how much your house could be sold at? Contact us for a quick consultation.

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