Getting started: Notice before inquiries

Welcome to! We know that you might be interested in acquiring a Kyomachiya, a vacation house, or other real estate in Kyoto, but perhaps, not sure where to start.

If this is your first time here, we know all of the information can be overwhelming, so we’ve created this page with a few frequently asked questions and things you should know about our services, to get you started.

As a rule, we post all available property information on our website.

Whenever we receive information on available properties, we will post it on our website as soon as possible.

Also on an irregular basis, we send out information on new properties, including secret properties that cannot be posted openly on our website, exclusively to our newsletter subscribers.

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If there is any property you are interested in, don't hesitate but just contact us via the contact form on the property page.

We do not distribute English information on rental properties.

At the moment, we refrain from answering any rental requests from non-Japanese speaking tenants even if they arrange a translator. This is to avoid any future troubles caused by miscommunication, especially between non-English speaking house owners and non-Japanese speaking tenants.

While we have a special global team in the Sales Department, we currently do not have any fluent English speakers in our Leasing Department nor enough manpower to deal with non-Japanese speaking tenants.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we really appreciate your understanding.

As an alternative, we offer a vacation house rental service that welcomes non-Japanese speaking customers, with a shorter rental contract period and easier application process compare to regular long-term rental houses.
Please refer to this website for more info: Vacation Rental "KyoTreat"

Please use the contact form or e-mail as the first contact for inquiries.

For each property, we only have one staff member in charge of the entire process from project planning, designing, house viewing to contracting. Please note that it may take a little time for us to reply to your inquiry, especially during day-offs, and we will get back to you as soon as it is confirmed by the staff in charge.

We appreciate your understanding.

Please make an appointment in advance for your visit, consultation, or house viewing.

We would like to hear as much as possible about your story. In order to get all the necessary information prepared before your visit, please make a reservation in advance.

It would be difficult for us to respond adequately to any sudden visits, consultations, or requests for guidance due to the absence of the staff in charge and other reasons.

Customers with reservations will be given priority. Reservations can be made by using the contact form.

Property viewings are available before the open house events.

Actual tours and online property viewings of the listed properties are always available by appointment.
In principle, reservations can be made for tours of properties even before the designated open house time slot.

However, some new properties may not be open for viewing until a specified date, such as after the open house event.

In such cases, we will announce on the webpage of the relevant property. Please understand in advance.

Viewing of properties that are under offer or have already been contracted will not be accepted.

When a purchase application is received for a property listed on the website, it may be listed as "under offer" or the property may be canceled from the listing at short notice.

Please note that viewing requests of properties that are under negotiation or have already been contracted will not be accepted.

We are committed to dispatching the latest property information that meets your expectations to the greatest extent possible.

Please refer to below pages if you would like to know more about Hachise, Kyomachiya and other useful information that might help during your house-hunting journey in Kyoto.

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