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Information Provided on Our Website

All information provided on Hachise Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hachise) website (hereinafter referred to as Hachise Website or Website) is properly administered to prevent any unforeseen damage, loss, or other harm to the customer. While we make every effort to post information that is accurate and up-to-date, we do not guarantee that information is complete, accurate, or of value. Hachise therefore bears no responsibility for any damage, loss, etc. to the customer due to actions based on this information.

Information on all properties

Information in languages other than Japanese posted on Hachise Website is for convenience only and is not be taken into account when interpreting sales agreements, management agreements, or other content.
US dollar prices
Prices indicated in US dollars on Hachise Website are intended for reference purposes only. All payment shall be made in Japanese YEN. The US dollar prices are calculated on the basis of the prevailing exchange rate at the time of updating these pages, and may differ from the real-time value.
Standard time
All dates and time displayed on Hachise Website are Japan Standard Time (UTC+9).
Floor plans, maps, photographs, specifications, etc.
All floor plans, maps, block plans, and other drawings of properties are simplified drawings and may therefore contain details that are different from actual conditions. Photographs of exteriors, interiors, surrounding scenery, and so on may appear different from actual conditions depending on the method of shooting, the seasons, or other factors. In addition, specifications may change due to construction conditions.
Price and other property conditions
Price and other property conditions reflect the date of update. Due to reasons such as difference of update date or time, information posted on the Website may be different than ones contained in Hachise’s other advertising media (newspaper ads, newspaper insert ads, etc.).
Transit related information
All walk times from properties to the nearest transit facility posted on Hachise Website are calculated at a pace of 80 meters per minute. Walk times do not take into account such factors as waiting at traffic signals and topography.
Rental income and rate of return
We do not guarantee future rental income of investment properties.
Property listings
The property listings posted on Hachise Website are intended as an aid to site visitors. The listing pages does not include all information needed for advertisement. Therefore, visitors who want more information should refer to property details.
Transaction terms
<Seller or buyer>
Hachise act as a seller or buyer to conduct transaction directly.
Hachise make a consignment contract with a buyer or a seller, and act as a proxy.
Hachise act as a broker (agent commission required when concluding contract).
*There are three types of broker listing agreements: General, Exclusive, and Exclusive Right-to-Sell
Sale status
When a property is "under offer," it is currently reserved. It cannot be presented as a property for sale or as a property to let. Please understand in advance that such a property may already be under contract or sold. Please contact the person in charge of a property about its sale status.
The breed, size, and care of allowable pets are determined by the rules established for pets.
City planning, development planning, and law and ordinance restrictions may be subject to change by the relevant government authority. Directional symbols may not be always precise. Floor plan symbol "L" is for living room, "D" for dining room, and "K" for kitchen. "S" and "N" are storage as defined under the Building Standards Law.

Information on properties for sale

Agent commission
When concluded through a broker, the specified brokerage commission (including consumption tax) is charged at the time of the property agreement.
Land sale agreements with building construction requirements
An agreement with a building construction requirement includes conditions to suspend or void the agreement if a home construction agreement with the seller (or agent) is not concluded within a specified period of time after concluding the land sale agreement. If a decision not to build a home is made within the specified time period, the land sale agreement is either rewritten or voided and money received is fully refunded.
Project information
Information on the "Project" page are just for introducing progression of renovation projects. Those properties are not ready to accept purchase order or any reservation unless they are listed as properties for sale.

Terms and Conditions for Use of this Website

This Website is operated by Hachise Co. Ltd. When using this Website, users shall acknowledge the following conditions in advance.


Prohibitions when using this Website
The following actions are prohibited when using this Website.
  • Criminal behavior, actions offensive to public order and morals, and actions that harass or incur damages to Hachise or others.
  • Registering the email address of other person or other fraudulent registration.
All content (text, photographs, images, etc.) posted on Hachise Website or Group Websites are property of Hachise Co. Ltd. Copying, unauthorized reproduction, and secondary use of designs, text, images, photographs, etc. is not permitted. Unauthorized use of Website content without our written consent is strictly prohibited.

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Information posted on the Website
While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, we do not guarantee the accuracy of content on this Website. Hachise is not responsible for any harm that might occur when using or viewing Hachise Website or any harm that might occur due to a website deceptively posing as Hachise Website.
The user shall acknowledge in advance that information posted on Hachise Website is posted at the discretion of Hachise and may be subject to change or deletion without notice. For more details, refer to "Information Provided on Our Website".
Links to third party sites contained in information supplied by Hachise are not maintained or operated by Hachise, and Hachise is not responsible whatsoever for the accuracy of their content or for changes or updates made to these websites.
Please note in advance that houses, equipment, specifications, and so on shown in photographs and illustrations posted on this Website may not be possible to adopt for actual renovation in some cases due to property-site, environmental, or other requirements, or to local ordinances, and other factors.
Color and texture
The color, texture, and so on appear in photographs posted on this Website may differ from the actual object in some cases due to the user’s Internet environment. Please verify with samples, etc. when finalizing an agreement.
Site operation interruptions
The Website may stop operation due to natural disaster, damage to transmission lines and equipment, or regularly scheduled maintenance. Please acknowledge in advance that Hachise is not responsible for any loss of user information, delayed contact, wrong transmissions, or other problems that such events may cause, even if it involves use of this Website.
Use of access analysis tools
This Website uses access analysis tools that ascertain all the access movement of visitors to the site. Information obtained with these analysis tools is used only for improvements and the like for this Website.