Scan the QR code on any one of the 3 types of signages displayed at properties handled by Hachise within Kyoto city. Answer a simple questionnaire and you'll be entered into a raffle to win a 39,000JPY Amazon Japan gift card (raffle 3 winners).

JST 2023/9/1(fri.)~9/30(sat.)

With heartfelt gratitude for your continued support, we are pleased to announce the launch of our "Thank You Campaign".

Thanks to your support, Hachise have reached our 68th year in July 2023 since our founding.

Moving forward, we will continue to provide secure, safe, and comfortable homes, while also persistently offering proposals to enrich your life in Kyoto.

Application Procedure

Find one of the three types of signages displayed at properties handled by Hachise within Kyoto City.

Properties for Sale »»
  • (**Signages of rental properties are also eligible for this campaign, but property information is available on the Japanese website only)
  • Please note that not all properties listed have signages displayed for sale.
  • Signages may be removed based on the property's status.
  • Please refrain from inquiries about which properties have signages.

Scan the QR code on the signage using your smartphone or tablet.

Answer a questionnaire and submit it via the application form.
Deadline of submission: JST Sept 30th (Sat).

  • Each property allows one entry per person.
  • Multiple entries are allowed if they pertain to different properties.
  • Real estate agents and related parties are kindly requested to refrain from applying.


We will raffle off a total of 3 Amazon Japan digital gift cards, each worth 39,000 JPY.

  • The winners will be announced upon dispatching the prizes.
  • The announcements will be sent to the email addresses provided by mid-October.
  • The digital gift cards presented can be only used on Amazon Japan.
  • Please adhere to the terms of use for Amazon digital gift cards.
  • We will not be held responsible after the prizes have been dispatched.

Terms and Conditions

Before participating in the Thank You Campaign (hereinafter referred to as the "Campaign") organized by Hachise Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), please read these application terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") carefully and apply only if you agree. By participating in the Campaign, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms.

Article 1 (Applicability)

These Terms shall apply to all matters related to the Campaign between the campaign participants (hereinafter referred to as the "Applicants") and the Company.

Article 2 (Provision of Personal Information)

In the event of false, incorrect, or omitted information regarding the provided name, email address, or any other details during application to the Campaign, the Company reserves the right to exclude the applicant from the Campaign.

Article 3 (Costs)

Participation in the Campaign is free, but the applicant is responsible for any internet connection or communication fees incurred during the application process.

Article 4 (Prohibited Activities)

The following actions are prohibited when applying to the Campaign. If an applicant is found to have engaged in any of the following actions, the Company may exclude them from the Campaign without prior notice.

  1. Acts that disrupt the operation of the Campaign
  2. Acts that violate these Terms
  3. Acts that cause inconvenience, harm, damage, or discomfort to others
  4. Acts that violate public order and morals
  5. Other actions deemed inappropriate by the Company

Article 5 (Suspension of Service Provision, etc.)

If the Company determines that any of the following conditions exist, it may interrupt or terminate the Campaign without prior notice to the applicants:

  1. Maintenance or updating of the computer system related to the implementation of the service
  2. In the event of force majeure such as earthquakes, lightning, fires, power outages, or natural disasters making the implementation of the Campaign difficult
  3. In the event of computer or communication network failures due to accidents
  4. Other cases where the Company deems the implementation of the Campaign to be difficult

The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantages or damages incurred by the applicants due to the suspension or termination of the Campaign under the preceding paragraph.

Article 6 (Disclaimer)

Unless the Company has intentional misconduct or gross negligence, it shall not be liable for any damages suffered by applicants in connection with the Campaign.

The Company shall not be liable for any disputes between applicants or between applicants and third parties arising from or related to the Campaign.

Article 7 (Changes to Campaign Details, etc.)

The Company may change part or all of the Campaign's content or suspend the provision of the service without prior notice to the applicants. The Company shall not be responsible for any damages suffered by the applicants as a result.

Article 8 (Changes to the Terms)

The Company may change these Terms without prior notice to the applicants if it deems it necessary.

Article 9 (Handling of Personal Information)

The personal information provided in connection with the Campaign will only be used for the following purposes:

  1. Delivery of prizes to winners
  2. Communication regarding the above
  3. Use in non-identifiable statistical information for reference of products or services

Except when the applicant's consent is obtained, the personal information provided in connection with the Campaign will not be given to any third parties. However, this does not apply in cases where there are legal requirements or reasons stipulated in the Company's Privacy Policy. For details, please refer to the Company's Privacy Policy.

Article 10 (Notification or Contact)

Notifications or communications from the Company to the applicants shall be made by the method designated by the Company. If notifications or communications do not reach the applicants due to incorrect email addresses or other reasons, the applicant may be excluded from the Campaign.