Machiya Market


11:00~16:00 Free Entrance

@Villa Toyoura by Kiyomizu Gojo

One day market at a renovated Machiya.

On March 2017, we celebrated the birth of "Machiya Day" (March 8th) by hosting the Machiya Market event at a renovated Machiya in Kita ward, Kyoto city.

This year, we are going to be hosting the 2nd annual Machiya Market again at Villa Toyoura, a newly renovated Machiya located in Kiyomizu Gojo area.

At the event, we will be gathering variety of local shops for food and drinks, as well as activities such as "chalk art" which kids can enjoy.

For those considering selling or buying Machiya in Kyoto, we will also be setting up a booth for free drop in consultation.

Feel free to drop by even if you simply want to take a look at the renovated Machiya, or grab a bite of local delights. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Photos from Machiya Market 2017

The event was hosted at a renovated Machiya close by Kitano Tenmangu

ななしの演奏てぬぐいgama da gama

Local Shop Lists

Old members, new faces, we look forward to your visit!


  • 森林食堂

    Curry Shop

    Shinrin Shokudo

    Popular curry shop with original seasoning and taste.

  • Coffee Shop

    Iwashi Coffee

    Hand drip coffee from home-roasted coffee beans. Based in Kinzen Ryokan by Tanbaguchi station.

  • 豆本屋おさが

    Miniature Book

    Miniature Book Osaga

    Shop name literally translates as "Bean Books" that make books that are as small as beans.

  • gama da gama

    Hand Towel

    gama da gama

    Hand made towel with painting of flowers and plants.

  • Abumi

    Bagel Shop


    Variety of bagels to warm up your heart and fill up your stomach.

  • Accessory


    Select shop of handmade vintage accessories. Usually only opens on the weekend.

  • Bag

    Suido Hut

    Light color tone and light weight bag that fits nicely with casual wear and even Japanese clothing like Yukata.

  • たま茶

    Herb Tea


    Herb tea shop that provides original blend of tea that's great at taste and healthy for your body

  • 喫茶maunten



    Provides delicious sweets across Kyoto city without an actual shop.

  • Sake

    Fushimi Sakagura Kouji

    Sake shop based in Fushimi. Sake fits perfectly with Machiya.

  • mhongtree

    Thai Goods

    Mhong Tree

    Authentic goods from Thailand. Sells small goods like handkerchief.

  • Kyoto Beer Lab

    Craft Beer

    Kyoto Beer Lab

    Have you tried green tea beer before? Kyoto Beer Lab provides 3 types of green tea beer during the event.


  • ななし

    Accordion & Guitar


    Will be having acoustic performances. Welcomes drop in session.

  • YUKI


    Enjoy your body ~Split Legs System

    Personal beauty trainer with 4 courses available (starting 1,000 yen for 10 min).

  • チョークアート


    Chalk Art

    Make your own chalk art with our staff Yusuke from Hachise. *Cancel on rainy day.

Drop in consultation regarding Kyo-Machiya

Do you own a Machiya but not sure how to make use of it?
Or are you looking to buy a Machiya in Kyoto as a second house or vacation house?

Whatever questions you may have regarding Machiya,
let us know at the event venue. We are happy to help.
※No reservation required.


Photo: Villa Toyoura (Event Venue)

March 8th is 「Machiya Day」

In Japanese, March is pronounced as "Machi" and 8th as "ya",
and that is how March 8th has been selected as Machiya Day.


Since 2017, March 8th has been officially registered by the Japan Anniversary Association as "Machiya Day" through Kyo-Machiya Info Center, which Hachise is also a member of.

As more and more Kyo-Machiyas are being demolished each year, Machiya Day aims to promote Kyo-Machiya's historical and cultural value in order to help preserve these treasures for years to come.

The week of Mar 3rd to Mar 11th (2018) is also set as Machiya week where local shops host their own events at Kyo-Machiyas throughout Kyoto city. If you wish to learn more about Machiya Day or Machiya week, please access the website below.

"Machiya Day" Official Website

Organizer: "Machiya Day" executive committee

Support: Kyoto city, Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration, Kyoto City Tourism Association, Sapporo Breweries Limited

Event Detail

  • Time

    2018 March 10th(Sat)11:00~16:00

  • Admission


  • Location

    Villa Toyoura (Renovated Machiya by Hachise)

    346 Toyourachō, Gojokudaru 3chome, Sayamachi Dori, Higashiyama ward, Kyoto city

  • Access

    Approx 4 min walk from Keihan train "Kiyomizu Gojo Sta." Exit #2

    Approx 5 min walk from Keihan train "Shichijo Sta." Exit #6

    Approx 5 min walk from City Buys stop "Shichijo Keihanmae"

    ※There are no parking areas available around the venue, so we recommend you to come by public transportation.

  • Contact

    Tel:075-341-6321 (Staff: Kanae)

  • SNS