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About Property Listings

Are there any available properties other than those listed on your website?

We showcase all available properties on our website, with the exception of limited properties exclusively disclosed to our registered customers. If you wish to receive announcements about new properties and gain access to members-only webpages, please apply for our e-newsletter service. Your email address will only be used for sending property information, event updates, and announcements. >>Register for e-newsletter service

Can I request notifications when a new property is available?

Unfortunately, we do not provide individual notifications for new property information or updates.
Please consider registering for our e-newsletter service or following us on social media for the latest property listings.

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About Inquiry and Property Viewing

Do I have to make an appointment to visit your office?

Yes, we request customers to schedule an appointment for office visits or property viewings due to limited English-speaking staff availability. Please initiate contact through our inquiry forms at least 1 week before your intended visit.

How should I contact you?

We recommend using our inquiry forms for initial contact rather than phone calls, as our English-speaking staff may not always be available to answer calls at the office.

Does Hachise provide service in English or other languages?

We offer services (verbal translation) in Japanese, English, and Chinese.
However, it's important to note that the governing language of the contract is JAPANESE ONLY. If you require professional translations in your native language, we recommend hiring a translator or solicitor/attorney with expertise in real estate laws.

How can I get to Hachise's office?

Please refer to the Company Info page for our office address and directions.

About Modification of Buildings and Earthquake Resistance

Can I count on you for renovation works?

We can assist in connecting you with English-speaking architects and contractors if you are interested in purchasing an old house that requires renovation. However, please note that Hachise does not offer standalone renovation services.

Can I modify or extend the building myself?

Extending “existing non-conforming buildings” like Kyomachiya townhouses is rarely permitted. However, renovation and refurbishment works are allowed within the limits of the current Building Standards Act. Other buildings are allowed to be modified or extended based on the Act.
>> What is an “existing non-conforming building”?

Can I demolish the existing building and rebuild a new one in the future?

Generally yes, but in some cases, the new building may be required to be set back from the adjoining road to comply with the current Building Standards Act.
However, on “rebuilding prohibited lands” , Rebuilding is not permitted. >>What is a “rebuilding prohibited land?”

※Since Kyomachiya townhouses are historical buildings that cannot be rebuilt once destroted, we strongly recommend you think twice before demolishing them.

Is Kyomachiya resistant to earthquakes?

When renovating Kyomachiyas, we reinforce and/or replace structural elements such as columns and beams based on the extent of damage. However, since Kyomachiyas were built before reliable earthquake resistance methods are extablished, accurately measuring their stability is difficult. It is almost impossible for us to 100% ensure that our Kyomachiya properties meet earthquake resistance standards. We, therefore, ask buyers to understand the situation and acknowledge the risk of possible collapse in the event of a severe earthquake.

However, numerous temples and shrines built over hundreds of years ago still exist today in Kyoto are constructed under the same traditional method as traditional antique wooden structures. This allows the buildings to slightly sway to absorb the force of earthquakes.

About Purchasing Process

Can I apply for purchase without viewing the property?

We now offer new solutions to customers who wish to view or purchase a property online and remotely. For more information please visit our How To Buy page.
However, since most of our listed properties are old houses, we recommend making the decision after an in-person viewing.

How many times should I visit Japan to complete the purchase?

Normally, it takes 3 visits if you want to conduct the contract face-to-face: Property viewing and purchase application, Contract conclusion, and Closing.
You can also choose to complete the contract closing process online, in which case you don't have to visit Japan in person.

How long does it take to complete the purchase?

It typically takes from 6 to 8 weeks. About 2 weeks between applying and making a contract, and approximately 1 month between the contract and closing.

How much do costs and taxes amount to complete the purchase?

Please visit the following link for details: >>Costs and Taxes

Can I ask you to introduce a good Japanese lawyer?

Certainly. In Japan, juditial scriveners handle legal process regarding real estate transactions. We can introduce you to some juditial scriveners who conduct business in English with expertise and experiences in assisting real estate transaction with foreign clients.

About Title

Can I register my company as a title-holder?

Yes. Japanese companies and foreign companies are both acceptable.

Can I establish a company in Japan to hold title?

Yes, but it's not recommended in most cases. It depends on your conditions, purpose, and preferences to decide the best option - holding the property as an individual, a foreign company, or a Japanese company. We can introduce you to English-speaking judicial scriveners and/or tax accountants who can help you with these issues.

About After Sales Services, Maintenance and Management

Does Hachise provide warranty against defects?

We provide a warranty for houses we renovate according to our warranty clause and policies. The warranty period is generally 2 years from the handover date (owners have to inform us if they find any problems within this period). Please note that we do not provide any warranty for unrenovated houses or houses renovated by a party other than Hachise.

What should I do to start using utilities? How should I pay for it?

Normally, you can pay all utility bills by credit card. If you have a Japanese bank account, electronic withdrawal is also an option.
Most utilities can be settled online, but we can also assist if needed.

Do you provide rental(leasing) management service?

For houses that are sold or renovated by Hachise, we currently offer the “Lease Management Service” for long-term leasing contracts (usual contract period: 2-3 years). For a shorter contract period, you can also consider the “Vacation Rental Management Service”.
Click for more:
>>Vacation Rental Management Service: for monthly-based vacation house leasing
>>Lease Management Service: for long-term residential house leasing 

(※The above services are for residential-use property owners only. We are afraid that we currently cannot accept non-Japanese speaking tenants for rental houses to avoid miscommunications between Japanese house owners, neighbours and foreign tenants.)

Can you help me if I re-sell my property in the future?

Certainly. As your sales agent, we can advertise your property on both our Japanese and English websites and provide consultation on sales conditions, tax payments, etc.
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>>For Properties Owners

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