Hachise Support Club

Our Mission: that you enjoy your new home and life in Kyoto to the fullest.

For those who have purchased a house renovated by Hachise as your primary residence, "Hachise Support Club” is a membership-based service to help with everyday maintenance of your home.

No matter how much you try to take good care of your home, every day tear and wear is inevitable. We support our customers on everything from work requiring specialized technique to daily maintenance.

Flow of Housing Maintenance Service

JPY (tax incl.)

(Annual fee)


    ・Houses not renovated by Hachise are not covered.

    ・Houses that are rented out or used as stores are not covered.

Free Basic Service

  • Minor repair of water leak
  • Simple fixture adjustment
  • Curtain track installation
  • Plumbing inspection, visual roof inspection
  • Sewer basin inspection
  • Changing light bulbs in high places
  • 3rd month and 1st year inspection (after handover)


The services described here take approximately one hour.
Please note that the cost of any required parts/materials are covered by the customer.

No Dispatch Cost

For non-members of "Housing Maintenance Service", a dispatch fee would normally be charged.


Extra charges will apply for work involving dangerous or time consuming procedures, or if they require specialized technique.

In some cases, special skills and/or licenses are required for construction involving plumbing, gas, electricity, etc. If/when such situations arise, we will recommend/introduce service providers or specialists.

Please speak to our staff for detailed pricing and costs.

Free Consultation on Small-scale Renovations and Updates

Our staff provide free consultations and quotations on small-scale renovation (including barrier-free construction) or updates. Feel free to contact us for details.

  1. Following the expiration of the warranty period (upon completion of construction), this contract covers for repairing and restoring defects and/or malfunctions. (Limited to houses sold or expanded/renovated by Hachise)
  2. Annual membership fees are 9,600JPY for Standard Members, and 14,600JPY (including tax) for Membership w/ Termite Inspection, made in one lump-sum payment.
    *For renovated houses, membership is free for one year.
    *For houses that have been expanded/renovated, please note that the free membership period may differ depending on contract terms.
  3. This service is offered only to owners whose intended purpose of the building is primarily for one’s own personal residence (membership is not available to individuals intending to rent to third parties or to use the building for business).
  4. The contract period is one year from the month of enrollment (renewed annually). Membership will be renewed automatically unless a request for withdrawal is submitted.
  5. Membership fees for the first year shall be paid in cash to the maintenance personnel upon their first initial visit to the building. For subsequent years, payment is made by bank transfer.
  6. Membership fees are not refundable if the owner sells the property during the contract period or withdraws membership.
  7. Even in the event that the owner takes good care of their house and no issues or specific problems arise, one of our maintenance personnel will visit their home once a year.
  8. If one withdraws from the Housing Maintenance Service, costs incurred subsequent to withdrawal (e.g. travel/dispatch expenses, technical fees, material costs) will be covered by the customer.
  9. If/when repairs are performed solely by our maintenance personnel (employees of Hachise), technical fees and travel/dispatch fees are not charged; the customer is responsible only for the cost of parts/materials required. However, in the event that repairs are performed by a third party specialist, the customer is responsible for all costs incurred.
  10. Where specialized repairs are required, the customer is given a detailed overview of the work beforehand, followed by an estimate. Repairs are only carried out with the authorization of the customer.
  11. In some cases, our maintenance personnel may only be able to make temporary repairs, in which case a specialist may be needed for a more permanent repair.
  12. The maintenance personnel will generally be able to visit your home within two days upon receiving your request. (Please note that the visit date may be pushed back depending on the issue and/or the maintenance personnelʼ s schedule)
  13. This service is strictly limited to problems regarding the building and associated equipment. The customer is responsible for replacement and/or construction costs (e.g. replacement of fluorescent lights, installation of wall hooks, etc.).
  14. Repair requests are accepted from Monday through Saturday, between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM (excluding Sundays, holidays, the bon holiday, and the year-end/New Year break).