Machiya Market


11:00~16:00 Free Entrance

KyoTsumugi (Kita Ward)

One day market at a newly built KyoMachiya.

In the past few years, we celebrated the birth of "Machiya Day" (March 8th) by hosting the Machiya Market event at different KyoMachiyas throughout Kyoto city.

This year, we are going to be hosting the 3rd annual Machiya Market again at KyoTsumugi, where we have 4 newly built KyoMachiyas in the Kita Ward of Kyoto city.

At the event, we will be gathering variety of local shops for food and drinks, as well as activities such as "chalk art" which kids can enjoy.

For those considering selling or buying Machiya in Kyoto, we will also be setting up a booth for free drop in consultation.

Feel free to drop by even if you simply want to take a look at the newly built KyoMachiya, or grab a bite of local delights. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Past Photos

Local Shop Lists

Old members, new faces, we look forward to your visit!


  • 森林食堂

    Curry Shop

    Shinrin Shokudo

    Popular curry shop with original seasoning and taste.

  • Coffee Shop

    Iwashi Coffee

    Hand drip coffee from home-roasted coffee beans. Based in Kinse Ryokan by Tanbaguchi station.

  • Japanese Gardening


    Shunbundo that specializes in Japanese gardening will be hosting workshops making bamboo crafts. There will be garden plants for sale as well.

  • Leather Crafts

    ham and cheese

    Hand made leather goods that were mad from wooden model. Workshops available.

  • 豆本屋おさが

    Miniature Book

    Miniature Book Osaga

    Shop name literally translates as "Bean Books" that make books that are as small as beans.

  • Abumi

    Bagel Shop


    Variety of bagels to warm up your heart and fill up your stomach.

  • たま茶

    Herb Tea


    Herb tea shop that provides original blend of tea that's great at taste and healthy for your body

  • 喫茶maunten



    Provides delicious sweets across Kyoto city without an actual shop.

  • Sake

    Fushimi Sakagura Kouji

    Sake shop based in Fushimi. Sake fits perfectly with Machiya.

  • Kemonoss

    Misc goods


    Carefully selected hand made items and accessories collected all over Japan.

  • Organic food and cosmetics

    Cotolier Shoten

    A select shop selling organic fruits and vegetables in the Kitashirakawa area with the concept of "Little museum that brings health and beauty.".

  • Japanese Sweets

    Wagashi Suzumeya

    A wagashi shop that hosts workshops on making Japanese sweets from scratch.

  • Sweet Potato

    Take Yakiimo

    A moving sweet potato stand/car that can be found around Kyoto city. Get its latest location from twitter.

  • Italian Sweets and Sandwiches


    A shop selling light snacks run by the owner of Nishiki Matsumura Italian cuisine (currently closed).

  • American Pastry

    Nakamura General Store

    Run by an owner who has lived in Hawaii. You can find freshly baked scone and muffin here.

  • Natural Soap


    Hand made soup using 6 different kinds of natural plant oil.

  • Garden Design


    Selling moss for Japanese garden decoration. Workshops available.




    Opening ceremony that starts around 11am. Guests will be welcomed with fresh Japanese sake.

  • Chalk Art


    Chalk Art

    Have fun making your own chalk art under the instruction of Yusuke from Hachise. Multiple sessions will be hosted during 1-4pm.


    About KyoTsumugi

    Learn about the making of the newly built KyoMachiya. Tatsuya from Hachise will be explaining the concept and progress of the construction.
    See Detail≫



    We will be giving out red and white Mochi from Hikari Mochi. Pay attention to the announcement before the giveaway.

  • Booth

    KyoMachiya Timeshare

    Learn about "SUKi1038", Hachise's KyoMachiya Timeshare, and the premium properties available.

  • Booth

    Hachise Park

    Hachise Park is an online community for Hachise clients to communicate with one another and exchange information on the lifestyle inside a KyoMachiya.

More shops and events to be updated!

Drop in consultation regarding Kyo-Machiya

Do you own a Machiya but not sure how to make use of it?
Or are you looking to buy a Machiya in Kyoto as a second house or vacation house?

Whatever questions you may have regarding Machiya,
let us know at the event venue. We are happy to help.
※No reservation required.

Learn about the newly built KyoMachiyas "KyoTsumugi"!

The land where four new KyoMachiyas were built on under the "KyoTsumgui" project is the venue of the KyoMachiya Marche. KyoTsumugi is a project where we aim to pass on the beautiful cityscape of Kyoto not only through preserving but also increasing these traditional Japanese houses.

Tatsuya from Hachise will be explaining the concept and progress of the construction, as well as the traditional construction method.
(※No reservation required. In Japanese only)

Starting Time
1st Session : 13:00~
2nd Session : 15:00~

  • Construction site

    Construction Site

  • Construction site

    Construction site (Exterior)

  • Construction site

    Construction site (Mud Wall)

  • Construction site

    Construction site (Taken in late Jan)

※Above are photos of KyoTsumugi under construction. Construction is expected to finish by the event date.

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March 8th is 「Machiya Day」

In Japanese, March is pronounced as "Machi" and 8th as "ya",
and that is how March 8th has been selected as Machiya Day.


Since 2017, March 8th has been officially registered by the Japan Anniversary Association as "Machiya Day" through Kyo-Machiya Info Center, which Hachise is also a member of.

As more and more Kyo-Machiyas are being demolished each year, Machiya Day aims to promote Kyo-Machiya's historical and cultural value in order to help preserve these treasures for years to come.

The week of Mar 3rd to Mar 11th (2018) is also set as Machiya week where local shops host their own events at Kyo-Machiyas throughout Kyoto city. If you wish to learn more about Machiya Day or Machiya week, please access the website below.

"Machiya Day" Official Website

Organizer: "Machiya Day" executive committee

Support: Kyoto city, Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration, Kyoto City Tourism Association, Sapporo Breweries Limited

Event Detail

  • Time

    2019 March 9th(Sat)11:00~16:00

  • Admission


  • Location

    KyoTsumugi (Four connected KyoMachiya)

    352 Wakamatsucho, Rokkenmachidori Ichijoagaru, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto

  • Access

    Approx. 4 min. walk from city bus "Senbon Nakadachiuri" stop
    Approx. 5 min. walk from city bus "Senbon Imadegawa" stop

    ※There are no car parking areas available around the venue, so we recommend you to come by public transportation. Bicycle parking spaces are available.
    ※There are no toilets at the revenue.

  • Contact

    Tel:075-341-6321 (Staff: Kanae)

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