Our thoughts of this very first project produced by Global Team.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

"I'm interested in historical Kyo-machiya, but I don’t find it attractive in the dark and narrow space."
"I want to live in a brighter and airy room."
"I'm worried if I can live comfortably in Kyo-machiya, a traditional wooden architecture
during the hot summer and cold winter"
We often hear these types of opinion from our customers.

We would like to suggest the wide-open airy space incorporated outdoor elements into the home decor
utilizing the good circumstances of a corner plot and having a park in front of it.
To spend time in the house comfortably even during the cold winter,
we planned to install modern facilities such as a floor heating and double glazed windows
while keeping the authentic atmosphere of Kyo-machiya.

We introduce the renovation process on Project Stories.
Enjoy the gradual change of estimated 80 years old Kyo-machiya.