The brief introduction of the members asigned to the project.

  • Syunsuke Bito profile picture

    Project Director


    He leads the project with his inner passion and his executive ability to pursue the production of ideal properties from foreign customers’ point of view. He also acts as the director of Global Team whose sociability and soft atmosphere attracts people.

  • Ryuichi Kimura profile picture

    Architect Advisor


    He is a pioneer of traditional architecture in Hachise and has executive knowledge and strong preferences for renovation of Kyo-machiya. He doesn’t talk much about it, but he creates attractive spaces with his heartful consideration for the people who will live there.

  • Iwami profile picture


    SHINYA IWAMI from Unis

    He is a young energetic architect who has done many projects with Hachise. He designs the regeneration of Kyo-amchiya with various ideas based on his rich experiences and achievements in Kyo-machiya renovation.