East of Toji Temple・
12 min walk from Kyoto Station
3 Renovated
Kyo-machiyas Connected by a Garden

庭でつながる3棟の改装済み町家(京都市南区西九条唐橋町) 庭でつながる3棟の改装済み町家(京都市南区西九条唐橋町)

3 Adjacent Kyo-machiyas

  • 南区西九条唐橋町
  • With the gateway of Kyoto - "Kyoto Station" and the world heritage site "Toji Temple" within walking distance, the southwestern part of Kyoto Station is an area where you can feel both convenience and the historical atmosphere of Kyoto. Here we would like to introduce three Kyo-machiyas that are located in such a place and are adjacent to each other facing the street.

    The three properties have been renovated in 2020 by the previous owner. They can be used individually but also connected with a garden, each house is characterized by a luxurious view of the garden.

    The garden is planted with deciduous trees such as Japanese maples and cherry blossoms, where you can feel the atmosphere of each season. Its area is large enough that not only you can enjoy the view but also go out for a walk in the garden.

    With its convenient location, this is recommended for various purposes such as a second house, recreation center or office.

Cityscape with a Sense of Unity

  • 配置図
  • Since all three properties were renovated at the same time, a unified cityscape is created when looking from the facade.

    The exterior appearance is designed with cedar boards on the 1st floor and white-color walls on the 2nd floor with modern latticed windows. It is spectacular to see three buildings of the same color lining up together.

    In addition, since there are three properties, you can consider utilizing one of them as your home or a second house and leasing the others for profit, as well as to rent out one property at a time for investment.


East side (Corner lot)

  • 東側 間取図

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  • 真ん中 間取図

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West side

  • 西側 間取図

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Southwest of Kyoto Station -
an area where you can feel both convenience and historical atmosphere

  • The southwestern area of Kyoto Station, where the property is located, is not only close to Kyoto Station but also right next to the World Heritage Site "Toji Temple". (Approximately 4 minutes on foot to Toji Temple)

    Founded by "Kobo Daishi" Kukai, Toji Temple, has a historical atmosphere and is said to have retained the relic of Heian-kyo. The spacious precinct with a complex of temple buildings also conveys its history from the past to the present.

    Toji's "Kobo Market" is known as one of the best antique markets in Kyoto, and it is fun just to look at the antique kimonos and antique stalls. The landmark five-storied pagoda is the tallest wooden tower in Japan. Visitors can overlook this pagoda from the south window of the Shinkansen train and feel the history and culture of Kyoto.

    Both the convenience of the south of Kyoto Station, which is undergoing redevelopment, and the quaint Kyoto-like scenery, can be experienced in the area.

  • 東寺


  • Property Price 129,800,000 JPY (Approx. USD *1JPY= USD)
    Type & Conditions Used Kyo-machiya
    (2 terraced houses + One of 2 terraced houses)
    Location 37-2 Nishikujo-karahashicho, Minami Ward, Kyoto
    Transportation Approx. 13 min walk from JR/Subway/Kintetsu "Kyoto Sta." Hachijo West Exit
    Approx. 4 min walk from Kintetsu Kyoto Line "Toji Sta."
    Land Area 【Registered】182.08sqm
    Private Street Area Included 12.4sqm (approx. number)
    Floor Area 【Registered】1F: 90.1sqm, 2F: 77.57sqm
    Total: 167.67sqm
    ※Including unregistered area
    Building Structure Two Storey Wooden House
    Building Date Unspecifiable
    Adjoining Street Street width: 1.79~2.35m, Frontage: 17.95m, Direction: South (approx. number)
    Street width: 0.98~1.15m, Frontage: 9.45m, Direction: West (approx. number)
    Size East: 2LDK / Middle: 2LDK / West: 2LDK + common garden
    Public Utility Electricity, Water Plumbing In/Out, City Gas
    Remarks ※Approx. 29.71 sqm setback is required when rebuilding on this land.
    ※Renovated in January 2020
    Renovation works done: Layout change, interior and exterior makeover, all the plumbing products were newly installed (kitchen, bathroom, toilet, basin, etc.), landscape gardening, etc.
  • Land Use District Category 2 Residential District
    Legal Restriction 12m / Category 2 Height Control District, Outdoor Advertisement Category 5 Regulatory District, Urban Type Aesthetic Formation District, Prior Consultation Zone, Close/Distant View Preservation Zone, Quasi-Fire Prevent District
    Handover Immediately
    Current Situation Vacant
    Building Coverage Ratio 60%
    Floor Area Ratio 160%(200%)
    Land Category Residential Land
    Land Tenure Title
    Geographical Features Flatland
    City Planning Act Urbanization Promotion Area
    Notification According to National Land Utilization Law Not Required
    Elementary School Kujokodo Elementary School
    (3min walk/240m)
    Junior High School Kujo Junior High School
    (3min walk/170m)
    Transaction Terms Hachise as a Broker
    Sales Representative Boa Zhang
    Information Updated Dec 11, 2023
    Information will be Updated Dec 18, 2023
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