things you need to know

before purchasing an old house in Kyoto

The allure of owning a house in Kyoto is undeniable, but great charm comes with unique considerations.
Explore the essentials here, including local rules, regulations, and financial aspects, when purchasing an old house in Kyoto. Our comprehensive guide ensures that your journey to owning a piece of Kyoto's heritage is well-informed.

◆ Rules, Regulations & Common Practices

rebuilding prohibited lands

What is “rebuilding prohibited lands”?
Learn what they are, explore the advantages and disadvantages of buying a house on such lands, and get more details about this unique aspect of real estate in Japan.

property borders

In Japan, property borders often rely on agreements between neighboring owners, especially in traditional areas like Kyo-machiya. Explore how these borders are determined, the associated challenges, and clarification options.

non-conforming buildings

Learn about the different between "Illegal Buildings" that violate current construction laws and "Existing Non-conforming Buildings" which, although built under older rules, remain exempt from certain penalties and orders as long as they stay in their current form.

◆ Taxes and Other Costs

taxes and costs

The complete list of expenses, encompassing taxes and costs, that you'll encounter throughout and after your property purchase.

Withholding Tax on Real Estate Sales by Non-residents

When non-residents or foreign corporations sell property in Japan, a portion of the sales amount is withheld for income tax. This ensures proper tax reporting and means you won't receive the full sales amount. Understand the implications for non-resident property sellers in Japan.

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