Uji Japanese House
near Byodoin Temple



a traditional Japanese home by the world heritage "Byodoin Temple"

Introducing a traditional Japanese house located in the historic town of Uji, known for its rich natural scenery throughout the four seasons and once beloved as a villa destination for the aristocracy during the Heian period. Just a 3-minute walk (approx. 206m) from the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Byodoin Temple, this property offers a glimpse into traditional Japanese architecture and lifestyle.

  • Uji Bridge over the Uji River (approx. 9 min. walk/650m)

  • View from Uji Bridge: a land dotted with numerous historical sites amidst lush greenery

  • Uji Bridge and the statue of Murasaki Shikibu. Uji is also known as the setting for "The Tale of Genji" (approx. 8 min. walk/600m)

  • View of Uji River from the "Ajirogi-no-michi" pathway (approx. 5 min. walk/400m)

  • View of Kisen-bashi Bridge and stone pagoda (approx. 5 min. walk/350m)

  • Phoneix Hall, Byodoin Temple (approx. 3 min. walk/220m)

  • Agata Shrine (approx. 2 min. walk/120m)

area map

Uji, a picturesque area that carries the history of the Heian period into the present day.

Downstream from the Uji Bridge, along the banks of the Uji River, you'll find numerous historic spots such as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Byodoin Temple and Ujigami Shrine. Surrounded by mountains and flowing rivers, the natural landscape remains preserved while conveying the rich history of the area. This residence is situated in a scenic location that served as the setting for the final chapters of "The Tale of Genji", a classic literary work passed down for over a thousand years.
With its proximity to Byodoin Temple, the surrounding area also offers a serene environment with tranquil homes lining the streets.



The property is just about an 11-minute walk from Keihan Railway Uji Station, providing convenient access to central Osaka's Yodoyabashi Station in approx. 55 min. by train (with a transfer at Nakashojima Station), and approx. 30 min. to Gion-Shijo Station (with a transfer at Nakashojima Station). An ideal location for commuting and studying in the city center.


a Japanese modern residence featuring fine woodwork

Built in 1983 on a spacious south-facing plot, this Japanese-style home boasts a unified appearance with its roof and fence adorned with straight-lined "Ichimonji-gawara" tiles, exuding a dignified aura befitting a mansion. Upon entering the foyer, you'll be greeted by a spacious hall, with a modernly designed staircase drawing the eye forward. The original owner, who was a timber merchant, incorporated exquisite wood finishes throughout the house, including polished round logs of Kitayama cedar for the eaves, wide pine flooring in the entrance hall and corridors, and zelkova wood for the Tokonoma alcoves, adding to the building's charm.

The ground floor houses a garage, while the entrance is located on the second floor, and the third floor features private rooms. Each floor is equipped with a toilet, and the private rooms are fitted with built-in storage, ensuring convenience.

  • A spacious Engawa (veranda) overlooking the garden. Opening the windows during favorable weather creates a pleasant ambiance.

  • The Engawa's ceiling is adorned with polished round logs.

  • Wooden lattice covers adorn the ceiling lights, adding to the unified aesthetic of the space with intricate woodwork details.


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Property Price
100,000,000 JPY (Approx. USD *1JPY= USD)
Type & Conditions
Used House
122-13 Ujitogawa, Uji City, Kyoto
approx. 10 min. walk from JR Nara-line "Uji Sta." South Exit
approx. 11 min. walk from Keihan Railway Uji-line "Uji Sta."
Land Area
Private Street Area Included
Floor Area
【Registered】1F: 53.9sqm, 2F: 124.74sqm, 3F: 89.98sqm, Total: 268.62sqm
Building Structure
Three Storey Wooden/Reinforced Concrete House
Building Date
Apr 1983
7 Rooms + Living-Dining-Kitchen + Storeroom + Garden + Garage
Adjoining Street (Corner Lot)
Street width: 5.79~5.99m, Frontage: 19.92m, Direction: South
Street width: 8.45~8.70m, Frontage: 13.60m, Direction: West
(approx. number)
Public Utility
Electricity, Water Plumbing In/Out, City Gas
Land Use District
Category 1 Residential District
Legal Restrictions
Category 3 Height Control District, Quasi-Fire Prevent District, Uji Scenic District (Uji Special Scenic District), Scenic Planning Zone (Scenic Planning Priority Area: Priority Area 3 World Heritage Preservation and Special Scenic Areas), Outdoor Advertisement: Scenic Planning Priority Area/Priority Area 3, Land with Buried Cultural Properties (Byodoin Former Precinct Ruins), Lake Biwa National Park Category 3 Special Area
Current Situation
In Residence
Building Coverage Ratio
Floor Area Ratio
Land Category
Residential Land
Land Tenure
Geographical Features
City Planning Act
Urbanization Promotion Area
Notification According to National Land Utilization Law
Elementary School
Todou Elementary School (approx. 4 min. walk/270m)
Junior High School
Uji Junior High School (approx. 12 min. walk/950m)
※The property will be handed over as is.
※The seller is not liable for any defects.
※Prior reservation is required 7 days before the viewing as the owner is currently in residence.
※The furniture is not included in the property price. (Furniture and personal items will be disposed before handover, but we are open to discussion if there are items you need.)
Transaction Terms
Hachise as a Broker (Agent commission required when concluding contract)
Sales Representative
(EN) Aya Kito / Boa Zhang / Kae Motokado / Ren Tamai
(JP) Hiroyasu Fukui
Information Updated
Apr 8, 2024
Information will be Updated
Apr 22, 2024