Majestic Kyomachiya in Nishijin


3-minute walk (approx. 180m) from Imadegawa-Omiya intersection

This impressive two-storey machiya features a splendid high-ceiling roof with an exposed wooden framework. As you enter through the entrance, you'll be greeted by a soaring ceiling, where you can marvel at the stunning wooden frameworks. We are seeking someone who understands the historical and cultural value of this building and is willing to preserve it for future generations.


Traditional Kyomachiyas are not only charming residences but also versatile spaces that can accommodate a wide range of purposes, leveraging their characteristic of combining living and working spaces. This property has been reborn in modern times as a space befitting the ancient capital of Kyoto.
Throughout the city, you can find prestigious large-scale Machiyas being utilized in various ways, generating income as businesses while also being preserved for future generations. This highlights the importance of preserving Kyoto's heritage, including its scenic landscapes and Machiyas, for the benefit of posterity.


In a Machiya, there is a void space called "Hibukuro," where a vast space, often featuring a distinctive architectural element called "Juntou-sanpeki," is created, revealing the exposed beams intricately arranged in a lattice-like pattern.
The term "Juntou-sanpeki" refers to wooden structures resembling clouds that hover over parts of the building akin to the main ridge beam. Historically, this robust framework showcased the skill of carpenters and symbolized the status of prominent merchant houses.



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"Nishijin" refers to an area spanning across Kyoto's Kita and Kamigyo wards, known for its textile industry including "Nishijin-ori" weaving. Although the exact boundaries are not precisely defined, the vicinity around Imadegawa-Omiya has been historically known as "Senryogatsuji", the epicenter of Nishijin-ori, where merchants traded silk and textiles worth a thousand "Ryos" (a gold currency unit in the past) per day during the Edo period.

Situated in the renowned Nishijin district famous for Nishijin-ori weaving, this property is surrounded by popular bakeries, cozy cafes with a Kyoto flair, and a variety of dining establishments, creating a vibrant and appealing neighborhood.



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Property Price 250,000,000 JPY (Approx. USD *1JPY= USD)
Type & Conditions Used House (Kyomachiya)
Location 573 Omiyadori-Motoseiganjidorisagaru Kitanogomoncho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto
Transortations approx. 15 min. walk from Subway Karasuma-line "Imadegawa Sta." Exit 6
approx. 3 min. walk from Kyoto City Bus "Imadegawa-Omiya Stop"
Land Area 【Registered】241.91sqm
Private Street Area Included N/A
Floor Area 【Registered】1F: 107.76sqm
【Actual/Tape measured】1F: 149.60sqm, 2F: 98.96sqm, Total: 248.58sqm
※Including unregistered area
【Subsidiary buildings】Shed/Single-storey wooden house/5.95sqm,
Toilet/Single-storey wooden house/8.26sqm,
Warehouse/Two-storey mud-covered Kura-dukuri house/1F: 22.14sqm・2F: 22.14sqm
Building Structure 【Registered】Single-Storey Wooden House 【Actual】Two-Storey Wooden House
Building Date Unspecifiable ※The earliest record from the house evaluation report should be before Meiji Era
Size 5 Rooms + Warehouse (Kura) + Hall + Gardens
Adjoining Street Street width: 4.3m (Omiya St./public street), Frontage: 7.02m, Direction: West (approx. number)
Public Utility Water Plumbing In/Out, Electricity, City Gas
Land Use District Quasi-Industrial District
Legal Restrictions 15m / Category 3 Height Control District, Quasi-Fire Prevent District, Aesthetic District of Historical Heritage, Townscape improvement District around Senryogatsuji, Distant View Presentation Zone, Outdoor Advertisement Historical Heritage Category 2 Regulatory District, Nishijin Special Industrial District, Residence Attraction Area, Designated Area based on the Kyomachiya Ordinance, Established Urban Area
Handover TBD
Current Situation Vacant
Building Coverage Ratio 60%
Floor Area Ratio 200%
Land Category Residential Land
Geographical Features Flatland
Land Tenure Title
Notification According to National Land Utilization Law Not Required
Elementary School Nishijin Chuo Elementary School (approx. 4 min. walk/235m)
Junior High School Kamigyo Junior High School (approx. 14 min. walk/1060m)
City Planning Act Urbanization Promotion Area
Remarks ※The property will be handed over as is.
※The furniture is not included in the property price. (negotiable)
※New owner needs to renew inn business licenses before continuing the operation as a lodging facility.
※Prior reservation is required 3 days before house viewing.
Transaction Terms Hachise as a Broker
Sales Representative Ren Tamai
Information Updated May 20, 2024
Information will be Updated June 3, 2024
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