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Renovation Project Stories

Follow the latest Hachise renovation projects and learn about the concept and stories behind each of our renovated Machiyas.

Project Morocco

The Story

Japan and Morocco, separated by two continents, are more than 11 thousand kilometers apart. Despite the lack of things in common, they both put great value on the preservation of architectures. We are eager to blend the two cultures together through the form of Kyo-Machiya. Keep watch on the transformation of a traditional Machiya with a touch of Moroccan vibe.

Located in a quiet neighborhood of Kyoto city, a Machiya awaits the renovation plan that will transform the whole place up side down.

Think about a Japanese house that makes you imagine the scenes of camels and deserts... how intriguing.

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Today we had a discussion with our partner architect from "Kukunoya" on how to nicely apply Morocco elements and tastes on a Japanese Machiya.

There could be some unique color combinations here and there.

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The topic during today's meeting revolve around interior lighting and washroom tiles.

Poor lighting has been a problem for many Machiyas due to their unique characteristics, but we want to make sure there is sufficient amount of light whether from outside or with interior lighting.

By looking at the bathroom tile samples, it seems like we are going to have a colorful but elegant bathroom.

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Coming Soon.

Past Projects

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