Hillside Bliss at Funaoaka

Mt. Funaoaka, located in Murasakino, Kita Ward of Kyoto City, has been revered as a sacred and pure land since ancient times. Adored by aristocrats of the Heian period as a place for strolls, picking wild vegetables, and poetic pursuits, it is celebrated in literature such as "The Pillow Book" by Sei Shonagon.

The architect of this property, Goro Masuda, hails from Kyoto Prefecture and currently resides in Okinawa Prefecture. Given Funaoaka's history as a site of aristocratic leisure and entertainment during the Heian period, Masuda envisioned a residence where hobbies could be fully enjoyed. He also believed that it would be fitting to incorporate the warmth of his birthplace, Kyoto, with the tropical ambiance of Okinawa into the design.


The spacious layout of this home is perfect for a family of 3. One distinctive feature is the large bookshelf in the Western-style room on the 2nd floor. It's a leisure place for you to indulge in reading while admiring your favorite books or displaying your collections, while the room on the east side of the 2nd floor with a desk is suitable for remote work.
The 1st floor features an open-plan living-dining-kitchen area, making it easy for family members to communicate while doing household chores.



  • 沖縄の素材で実用性も

    Practicality with Okinawan Materials

    The interior uses materials from Okinawa, such as Ryukyu limestone and Gettoushi Japanese paper. Ryukyu limestone, a representative stone of Okinawa, has been used in traditional Okinawan houses and structures like Shuri Castle. Gettoushi paper, made from the perennial plant Shell Ginger (Gettou) found in Okinawa, is used for wallpapers with insect-repellent and antibacterial properties.

  • 印象的な花ブロック

    Impressive Flower Blocks

    The "flower blocks" are concrete blocks with hollow patterns that can be commonly seen in Okinawan buildings. Not only with aesthetic design, they also provide shade under the sun, create shadows, and allow airflow, which all moderate the subtropical climate. Living in Kyoto while experiencing the essence of Okinawan architecture adds a unique touch to this property.

  • 大きな棚に好きを詰め込んで

    Fill the Large Shelves with Your Favorites

    The 2nd floor Western-style room has a sloped ceiling with the beams exposed.

    The eye-catching wall-length shelves can be used to display not only books but also miscellaneous items, figures, and hobby-related belongings.

  • 天井と床が広がりを与えるLDK

    Expansive LDK with connective Ceiling and Floor

    The living-dining area boasts a spacious design where the ceiling and floor align linearly, accentuating the warmth of wood and extending towards the garden.

  • お庭の小さな守り神

    Guardian in the Garden

    The traditional Okinawan guardian figure, Shisa, serves as the protector of this home.

    It is believed that having Shisa at home helps prevent disasters and keeps evil spirits away, thus ensuring the long-term well-being of the family.


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Located in the northern part of Kyoto City, this area sits at the foot of Mt. Funaoka. In addition to historical and cultural landmarks like Daitokuji Temple and Imamiya Shrine, the vicinity offers convenient living amenities such as supermarkets, drugstores, banks, post offices, bakeries, and cafes, making it an ideal place for daily life within walking or biking distance.

The nearest bus stop serves city buses that provide direct access to Kyoto Station and the city center without transfers, combining rich nature with convenience.


Funaokayama Park

Once revered as a sacred place, the area is now a park beloved by locals. From its summit, you can enjoy panoramic views of Kyoto city, and during summer, you can also witness the "Gozan-no-Okuribi" bonfire festival.


Sarasa Nishijin

A cafe renovated from a 93-year-old public bathhouse. Retaining elements reminiscent of its past, especially the vibrant Majolica tiles adorning one wall, it is a hip spot that offers a visual delight.


Umezono-Sabo Teahouse

Established in 1927 as a branch of the "Amatou Teahouse Umezono", this Japanese confectionery shop is renowned for its adorable decorative sweets known as "Kazari-kan."

引接寺 (千本ゑんま堂)

Inshoji Temple (Senbon-Enmado)

This temple, dedicated to the Enma-Houou (Yama god), is affectionately known as Senbon-Enmado by locals. During the Setsubun festival, visitors are treated to "Konnyaku potato boil", a traditional dish believed to ward off evil spirits.


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Property Price 49,800,000 JPY (Approx. USD *1JPY= USD)
Type & Conditions Used House
Location 3-51 Murasakino-Kitafunaokacho, Kita Ward, Kyoto
Transportations approx. 4 min. walk from Kyoto City Bus "Senbon-Kuramaguchi Stop"
approx. 22 min. walk from Subway Karasuma-line "Kuramaguchi Sta." Exit 2
Land Area 【Registered】68.26sqm
【Actual/Measured by surveyors】approx. 68.32sqm
Private Street Area Included N/A
Floor Area 【Registered】1F: 40.90sqm, 2F: 35.64sqm, Total: 76.54sqm
【Actual/Tape measured】1F: 38.88sqm, 2F: 35.64sqm, Total: 74.52sqm
Building Structure Two Storey Wooden House
Building Date Jan 1972
Size 2 Rooms + Living-Dining-Kitchen + Earthen-floored entrance hall + Parking space + Attic
Adjoining Street Street width: 3.20m (2nd clause road), Frontage: 6.18m, Direction: East (approx. number)
Public Utility Electricity, Water Plumbing In/Out, City Gas
Land Use District Category 1 Residential District
Legal Restrictions 15m / Category 2 Height Control District, Quasi-Fire Prevent District, Old Urban Type Aesthetic District, Close View Preservation Zone, Distant View Preservation Zone, Prior Consultation Zone, Outdoor Advertisement Category 3 Regulatory District, Residence Attraction Area, Established Urban Area
Handover Immediately
Current Situation Vacant
Building Coverage Ratio 60%
Floor Area Ratio 160% (200%)
Land Category Residential Land
Geographical Features Flatland
Land Tenure Title
Notification According to National Land Utilization Law N/A
Elementary School Murasakino Elementary School (approx. 8 min. walk/637m)
Junior High School Karaku Junior High School (approx. 11 min. walk/833m)
City Planning Act Urbanization Promotion Area
Renovations Fully renovated by Hachise in Jan 2024.
Renovation works done: Renewed water plumbing facilities (bathroom, kitchen, toilet, basin, etc.), Repaired and repainted exterior walls, Renewed exterior and interior fittings, Interior refurbishment, Replaced flooring materials, Gardening, etc.
Remarks ※approx. 2.76sqm setback
※Furniture is not included in the property price.
Transaction Terms Hachise as a Seller (No agent commission required)
Sales Representatives (EN) Aya Kito / Boa Zhang / Kae Motokado / Ren Tamai
(JP) Masanori Yanagiuchi
Information Updated Apr 8, 2024
Information will be Updated Apr 22, 2024

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