Have fun 町家!
Have fun 町家!

“Machiya Day” 2024

On this March 9 (Sat),
we're hosting a Machiya day celebration event!

The event will be held titled “Have fun Machiya!”.
Inviting you as our guests to come and learn, experience, and most importantly, enjoy Machiyas to the fullest!

Visitors to the venue will receive a gift. There will also be also online event, English-speaking walking tour, and much more. We look forward to seeing you at the event!


We will update this page as soon as the details are readied. Stay tuned!

English session!
Machiya walking tour in Kimono

Experience the charm of Kyoto and its traditional townscape up close!

Join the Hachise Global Team for an English-guided tour,
strolling through the streets of Kyoto in traditional Kimono attire♪

Date & time: 9 Mar 2024 (Sat) 9:00~13:00
Place: Near Funabokocho (we'll meet up at the Kimono shop in near Gion)
Fee: 5,500JPY (tax incl.)

for details/reservations!

※Prior reservations required.
※Tour will be guided in English

Machiya Kimono Walking Tour

Online Event

Machiya Photo Hunt Online Event

One-day Market11:00~16:00

Exciting shops await! Free admission and no reservation is required.

  • GION Yamaneko (GION 山根子)


    A standing bar operating in Gion. Enjoy a variety of beers carefully selected by the owner! Have a drink and spend a delightful time.


  • MARDELI(マールデリ)


    A shop offering salads and homemade deli items. How about enjoying a "slightly special" meal that is not only delicious but also stylish and healthy?


  • Rokujuan(麓寿庵)

    <Warabi-mochi Sweet>

    A shop serving traditional Japanese sweets and duck congee in a historic and beautiful mansion. This time, you can enjoy a colorful bracken-starch mochi with edible flowers as decoration.


  • Sasha

    <baked sweets>

    Baked goods from IWASHI COFFEE in Nishijin. Don't miss the chance to try these sweets with a gentle sweetness that pairs perfectly with coffee.


  • Globe Mountain Coffee(グローブマウンテン珈琲)


    A popular shop in Nishioji-Oike known for its delicious coffee roasted in-house. They will be offering Devil Blend instant drip bag coffee for your enjoyment.


  • Kirin(来隣)


    A restaurant in Ohara specializing in organic vegetables. Indulge in deli and rice balls made with delicious vegetables nurtured by the land of Ohara.


  • paintings & accessories a&su(アーアンドスー)


    A small Machiya studio & shop located in Kamigyo Ward. Unique paintings and accessories will be available for sale.


  • Miniature Books Osaga(豆本おさが)


    Exhibition and sale of palm-sized "bean-sized books", showcasing meticulously crafted, adorable handmade goods.


  • Koushiya(格子家)

    <retro snacks>

    A long-established confectionery popular for its shaved ice near Nijo Castle. This time, they will be selling Dagashi (traditional Japanese snacks) that both kids and adults will enjoy.


  • G-studio


    Studio led by ceramic artist George Nakamura, situated at the foot of Kiyomizu Temple. How about adding meticulously handmade dishes to adorn your dining table?


  • Kyobishin(京美鍼)

    <ear acupuncture>

    Ear acupuncture effective for beautiful skin, reducing swelling, lifting, menstrual pain, insomnia, weight loss, shoulder and lower back pain, and eye strain.


  • 癒処 紬〜tumugi〜

    <head spa>

    Why not relieve your daily fatigue with a head spa? Refresh and revitalize with relief from eye strain, brain fatigue, and shoulder and neck stiffness!



    <health drinks>

    fúlvico± (Fulvico Plus Minus) Japanese natural unheated fulvic acid extract liquid.


  • ※There may be changes to the participating vendors.
  • ※The products available for sale on the day may differ from those shown in the photos.

Hachise Booth

We will be seting up a booth for Hachise on the 2F, selling original merchandise with a theme centered around Machiya. The proceeds from the sale of these original goods will be donated in full as disaster relief funds for the Noto Peninsula Earthquake through the Japanese Red Cross Society. We will also have a donation box available. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

This time, we are collaborating with shops affiliated with Hachise!

  • Dorayaki Pancake

    <Kaho Ayumi/菓舗 歩>

  • Cookie


  • Japanese Tea

    <Tea Boutique Otani/大谷園茶舗>

Designed by Hachise staffs!

  • Machiya card


  • Sticker

We also have brochures and other materials available on teh day.
If you have any Kyoto real estate inquiries or other concerns, please feel free to approach our staff at any time.

Handicraft Workshop

We will be holding a workshop to create a mini flower vase using materials from traditional Machiya fixtures and test tubes.

mini flower vase from Machiya fixtures

  • For the base, we will use materials from traditional Machiya fixtures. You will create your own mini flower vase by drilling holes in the base and placing test tubes on it.
    During this season, you can beautifully display small wildflowers such as bellflowers and forget-me-nots in your vase. A flower vase that anyone can easily arrange. Why not decorate your shelves or tables and incorporate the changing seasons into your daily life?

    Work process:

    1.Select your preferred materials from the traditional Machiya fixtures and decide where to place the test tubes.

    2.Our staff will drill holes for the test tubes.

    3.Sand and wax the materials to prepare them.

    4.Place the test tubes into the finished materials to complete the vase.

    30 min. sessions / 5 person for each
    AM sessions/ ①11:00 ②11:30
    PM sessions/ ③13:30 ④14:00 ⑤14:30
    500 JPY (tax incl.)/1pc ※please pay on the day
    No restrictions. Young children should be accompanied by a guardian.
    ※Workshops will be held in Japanese
    You don't have to bring any tools or materials on the day.
    Reservation form

    ※On-the-day walk-ins are welcome, but priority will be given to those with reservations. We recommend making a reservation in advance whenever possible.
    ※Each session will close once it reaches full capacity.

Present for Visitors

Special Eco bag
for vistors!

The first 400 guests to visit the market will receive an original Hachise eco-bag.

  • ※Offer valid while supplies last on a first-come, first-served basis.

talking session

※AM talking session will be held in Japanese only.

トークセッション 11:15~12:30トーク50 分/ 質問タイム20 分


[現地参加 定員15名(要予約)]




instafram LIVE
Instagram Live同時配信!
  • 西澤 徹生(にしざわ てつお)
    株式会社ニシザワステイ 代表取締役

    京都大学の観光MBAを卒業後、2022年にバー&コワーキングスペース「SIGHTS KYOTO」を開業。
    インバウンド富裕層向け観光コンテンツ「1/KYOTO -キョウトブンノイチ-」など旅行業も展開。

  • 川勝 隆義(かわかつ たかよし)
    株式会社川勝總本家 専務取締役


  • 西村 直己(にしむら なおき)
    株式会社八清 代表取締役

    1979年2月 京都市山科区生まれ
    2021年7月 代表取締役就任
    趣味は旅行と食事。 特に家族と頻繁に色々な場所に出かけており そこでしか出来ない体験をする事や景観や建物を 見ることを楽しみにしています。何をしていても仕事と関連付けてしまう合理主義的なところはありますが、先々に事業として展開したい事を自分自身で試してみたいと探求心が旺盛です。

Free talk 13:30~15:30

Chit-chat time with Hachise staffs!

[no reservations required]

In the afternoon, part of the 2F area will be opened as a rest area. Hachise staffs will be there, so if you're interested in discussing real estate, curious about Hachise's work, or just want to chat, feel free to stop by◎ Our global team members will also be there!

  • ・advice on purchasing, consultation, or utilization of real estate in Kyoto
  • ・hear from someone who actually living in a Kyomachiya
  • ・for those who are interested in Hachise's web design or the people behind it
  • ・for those who are looking for advice on renovation


Funebokocho Kaisho (Funebokocho community house)

391-1 Shinmachidori-Ayanokojisagaru Funebokocho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto

approx. 5 min. walk from Subway Karasuma-line "Shijo Sta." Exit 6

http://www.funeboko.jp/ (JP ext. link)


※Parking and bicycle parking are not available. Please use public transportation.
※Please be aware that there is a limit on the number of people allowed inside the venue. You may need to wait upon entry. Please understand in advance.
※Kindly refrain from engaging in disruptive behavior such as loud noise or consuming food and drinks from outside in the vicinity.

March マーチ  8 th is the
“Machiya Day”

  • Since 2017, March 8th has been officially registered by the Japan Anniversary Association as "Machiya Day" through Kyo-Machiya Info Center, which Hachise is also a member of.

    As more and more Kyo-Machiyas are being demolished each year, Machiya Day aims to promote Kyo-Machiya's historical and cultural value in order to help preserve these treasures for years to come.

    The week of Mar 4th to Mar 12th 2023 is also set as Machiya week where local shops host their own events at Kyo-Machiyas throughout Kyoto city.

    Organizer: "Machiya Day" executive committee

    »Visit here for more about Machiya Day

    (external link)

  • 「町家の日」記念日登録証