Machiya Kimono Walking Tour
Machiya Kimono Walking Tour

This event has come to an end. Thank you for joining us!

Special Machiya walking tour
with Kimono experience!

On this March 9 (Sat), we're hosting a Machiya day celebration event!

As part of the event, an English-guided Machiya walking tour with Kimono experience will be held on the same day.

We invite you as our guests to come and learn, experience, and most importantly, enjoy Machiyas and Kyoto to the fullest!

  • Kimono experience Kimono experience

    Kimono Experience

    Enjoy Kyoto in a
    traditional Kimono
    for your special experience

  • Koyakunozushi Koyakunozushi

    Kyoto Streetscape

    Immerse yourself in the
    Kyoto-like cityscape downtown
    at the "Koyakunozushi Alley"

  • Sugimoto residence Sugimoto residence

    Grand Machiya

    Visit "Sugimoto Residence",
    a grand Kyomachiya with
    over 150 years history

Event Programme

Date & Time:

9 March 2024, 09:00~13:00 (JST)

Schedule of the tour:

  • 09:00

    Meeting up at the Kimono Shop for Kimono Changing

    We'll be meeting up at the Kimono rental shop "Kyonomiyako Kiyomizu-Yasaka Shop(京乃都 清水八坂店)" directly at 9 am on the day.

  • 10:50

    Heading to the strolling spot

    After getting changed, we'll be travelling to the next spot by taxi.

  • 11:00

    Koyakunozushi Alley(膏薬辻子)

    A leisure stroll at the Kyoto-like "Koyakunozushi Alley", a hidden gem in the center of Kyoto City.

  • 12:00

    Sugimoto Residence(杉本家)

    Visiting the "Sugimoto Residence", a grand Kyomachiya over 150 years old with a tour guide.

  • 13:00

    Have Fun! Machiya One-day market

    Arriving and dismiss at the nearby venue of the "Have Fun! Machiya" one-day market.
    ※Please return to the Kimono shop by yourself by 19:00 of the same day


5,500 JPY/person (tax incl.)
Fee including:
・One-day Kimono rental with ladies' hair-styling
・Transportation fee from Kimono shop to "Koyakunozushi Alley"
・Admission fee of "Sugimoto Residence"
・Original "Machiya Day" souvenir


up to 10 persons

※first come first served. Family with children are also welcome◎


Free cancellation on/before 4 March (Mon).
However, 340 JPY handling will be charged by the system for those who paid by ATM or at the convenience stores.
※A 100% fee will be charged for no-show/no-contact cancellations.

Meeting point at 9:00am

Kiyomizu-Yasaka Shop (京乃都 清水八坂店)

※We will put a signage of the tour outside the shop.
Please come in and let the shop staff know your reservation name.

492-4 Kiyoicho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto

approx. 10 min. walk from Keihan mainline "Gion-Shijo Sta." Exit 6

>>access (JP ext. link)



We kindly ask for your cooperation with the following guidelines before applying:

  • Please be punctual and ensure you arrive at the Kimono shop by 9 am on the day.
  • Car parking and bicycle parking are not available. Please use public transportation.
  • Please refrain from eating or drinking in the Kimono shop.
  • Please avoid making loud noises in the vicinity.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who is unwell.
  • Free cancellations are allowed on/before March 4th (Mon). However, a handling fee of 340 JPY will be charged by the system for those who paid via ATM or at convenience stores.
    A 100% fee will be charged for no-show/no-contact cancellations.
  • Please follow the instructions of the staff.

Please note that purchasing a ticket implies your agreement to the above guidelines. Failure to adhere to the above guidelines may result in us asking you to leave the premises without a refund for the tickets.

March マーチ  8 th is the
“Machiya Day”

  • Since 2017, March 8th has been officially registered by the Japan Anniversary Association as "Machiya Day" through Kyo-Machiya Info Center, which Hachise is also a member of.

    As more and more Kyo-Machiyas are being demolished each year, Machiya Day aims to promote Kyo-Machiya's historical and cultural value in order to help preserve these treasures for years to come.

    The week of Mar 4th to Mar 12th 2023 is also set as Machiya week where local shops host their own events at Kyo-Machiyas throughout Kyoto city.

    Organizer: "Machiya Day" executive committee

    »Visit here for more about Machiya Day

    (external link)

  • 「町家の日」記念日登録証