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Reservation Procedure

Lease term for Vacation Rentals "KyoTreat" starts as short as 1 month (30 days).
The accommodation comes complete with everything you might need for a comfortable stay, from furniture to household electronics and appliances. Come and enjoy Kyoto life in a Machiya on a whim!

How to Book

  • 1. Availability/Inquiries

    Please fill out the “Reservation Request” form on the bottom of each property pages.

    • You’ll receive an automated reply within one hour. (Please note that this is not a confirmation of your reservation.)
      If you don’t, your e-mail server may be blocking the automated replies, or you may have typed in your e-mail address incorrectly. Please kindly submit the form again.
    • Normally, we will reply within two business days.
      Please check our business calendar here on our Website.
  • 2. Reservation Complete

    Your reservation is completed when 1) ~ 3) below have been confirmed.

    1. Fill out the reservation form (sent by us after availability confirmed).
    2. Pay the deposit within seven days from the receipt of our email with the invoice.
    3. E-mail a scanned copy of all the guests' passport for identification. (Photographs of these documents are also acceptable.)

    Please note that if the deposit payment is not confirmed after a period of seven days, your reservation will be cancelled.

  • 3. Rent Payment

    Pay the total rent for the period of your stay at least 31 days before your arrival date.

    • If we are unable to confirm your full payment of rent by the deadline, your application will be cancelled.
      Cancellation fees may apply. See the Cancellation Policy below for details.
    • We accept payment by either credit card or bank transfer. (Bank transfer fees will be paid by the tenant.)
  • 4. Contract &Move-in

    Our staff will provide an overview of your lease agreement and tenant guidelines at our office.
    All tenants are required to bring a form of identification at this time.
    Tenants will then be provided with a key to the property. (Please note that our staff will not accompany new tenants to the rental property.)

  • 5. Move-out

    Prior to the tenant departure date, our staff will inspect the property, fixtures, etc.
    Tenant’s security deposit will be deducted if damage, dirt/grime that has been inflicted purposefully or that is clearly due to tenant negligence, or excessive utility consumption is found.

    • The rental deposit will be returned within 60 days after the tenant moves out, provided that the property is clean and undamaged.
    • Please understand that the rental deposit may be different from the original amount due to the currency rate at the time of the return.

Cancellation Policy

61 days prior to arrival or earlier Cancellation Fee: 0 JPY
In the case of cancellation after full payment of rent and fees, we will refund the full amount.
60 days to 32 days prior to arrival Cancellation Fee: Full deposit
31 days to 15 days prior to arrival Cancellation Fee: 30% of the rent
14 days to 1 day before arrival Cancellation Fee: 50% of the rent
On arrival date or later Cancellation Fee: 100% of the rent
Full amount of paid rent are non-refundable.
*If the contract period is more than 60 days, only the rent from the 61st day and afterwards will be refunded.

Notes for Booking

  • The minimum contract term is 1 month (30 days).
    Shorter stay is possible, but the rent will be the amount of 1 month stay.
  • Reservations can be made up to 1 year in advance of your intended Check-in date.
  • We cannot change the move-in date, move-in period, or property after 2 months prior to arrival.
  • Utility charges are included in the rent, but if the charges are over the regulation charge (¥30,000 or more) we will deduct from the tenant’s security deposit.
    *The regulation charge depends on the property.
  • Please make sure you have read and agree our house rules before making a reservation.
     >>about KyoTreat & house rules

Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Service Provider Hachise Co. Ltd.
619 Takahashi-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan  Company Info
Representative Representative Director: Naoki NISHIMURA
Rates and Fees Provided on each property page
Expenses Which May be Incurred by Lessee apart from Rent and Fees Actual cost of repair (in case when the guest severely deface/break the house or furniture)
Time of Service Provision Keys will be handed over to lessee on Check-in day at our office.
Limitations of Quantity, etc. Properties are not available on the dates already booked by others.
Method and Time of Payment Described in "How to Book" section above
Response to Cancellation Described in "Cancellation Policy" section above