How do you plan to use your property?

For every renovated property purchased at Hachise, we provide the comprehensive support and services that match your needs. For non-renovated properties, see here.

Primary Residence

Hachise Support Club

Taking care of wooden structured houses may not be an easy job. As experts of Machiya, we offer a membership based service to help you with everyday maintenance of your home to make sure your Machiya experience can be as comfortable and enjoyable as day one.

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Vacation House

Vacant Home Maintenance

It is not easy to maintain a vacation home if you are living far away. We support our customers on maintenance and inspection of your precious house to make sure it's ready anytime for your return.

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Monthly Vacation Rentals

This service combines the Vacant Home Maintenance service with the added bonus of monthly rental operations. Why not rent out your property to help cover the maintenance cost when you are away?

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Lease Management

Want to lease your property? We have advertised more than hundreds of Kyo-Machiya rentals to date, and are currently managing around 40 rental properties ranging from Kyo-Machiya townhouses to modern condos.

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Guest Houses

In general, Hachise does not provide support for running daily lodging facilities such as guest houses or hostels, however we have summarized information such as the law and regulations regarding lodging facilities to help you understand the requirements before purchasing a property.

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Shops and Offices

Although Hachise does not offer any particular services to help you run shops or offices, we have list of non-renovated properties that make good candidates for shops/offices.

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Non-renovated Properties

At the moment, Hachise does not undertake any renovation requests, but we can introduce you to our trusted partners that can communicate in English.

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Also check below for some examples on Kyo-machiya renovation projects.

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