A small renovated traditional Kyo-machiya located on a quiet back street just seven minutes’ walk from the Gojo Karasuma intersection

Gojo Karasuma, situated between Kyoto Station and Shijo Karasuma, is dotted with fun retro-look buildings housing a variety of shops and galleries, as well as an array of appealing new restaurants and stores that have recently begun to open, such as cafes attached to shared offices, cafes holding regular workshops, and more.

One minute (one station) to Kyoto Station from Gojo Station on the Karasuma Subway Line

Kyoto Station, known as the “gateway to Kyoto,” is a highly convenient station utilized by large numbers of people. Train lines stopping at Kyoto Station include the JR lines, Karasuma Subway Line, Kintetsu Kyoto Line, and the Shinkansen (bullet train). This area is convenient not only for Kyoto’s central districts, but also for travel to Osaka: the ride from Karasuma Station to Umeda Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line express train is only 44 minutes, and from Kiyomizu Gojo Station to Yodoyabashi Station on the Keihan Main Line is just 56 minutes.


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Electronics TV/Refrigerator/Freezer/Rice Cooker/Electric Kettle/Toaster Oven/Microwave Oven/Hair Dryer/Washing Machine/Clothes Iron/Ironing board/Vacuum Cleaner/Heating/Fan etc.
Furniture Dining Table etc.
Amenities Cleaning Tools/Cooking Utensils/Tableware etc.
Internet Free Wi-Fi
Parking Not available

* Some of the accommodations have beds, but beddings are not provided.
We recommend utilizing the optional Comfort Service (includes bedding) or house keeping services.

* Amenities differ depending on accommodations. Please ask our staff for the details.


Rent 249,000 JPY / Per Month (Includes utility charges)
Comfort Service (Optional) 5,500 JPY / Per guest per month
Deposit / Key Money 50,000 JPY / Not applicable
Type of Contract Fixed-term Rental Housing Contract (Minimum 1 month)
Max Capacity 3 People (Futon Space: 3 People)
Restrictions Smoking, pets, and instruments are not allowed.
Location 535-5 Yahata Town, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto
Access Approx. 6 min. walk from Subway Karasuma-line "Gojo Sta."
Approx. 15 min. walk from Subway Karasuma-line "Shijo Sta."
Approx. 14 min. walk from Hankyu Railway "Karasuma Sta."
Approx. 17 min. walk from Keihan Railway "Kiyomizu-gojo Sta."
Size 1 room + Lving Dining Kitchen
Floor Area 1F: 32.33 sqm / 2F: 20.96 sqm / Total: 53.29 sqm
Building Structure Two Storey Wooden House
Building Date August 1906 according to the closed registry
Transaction Terms Hachise as a Lessor
Person in Charge Aya Kito
Information updated January 27th, 2020
Information will be updated February 3rd, 2020


Luxurious experience

  • Reviewer : M.A.
  • Review Date: Oct 29th, 2018
  • Staying period: Autumn


I was already excited by the black theme earthern floor and interior decoration before moving in, and I need that say that after my 1 month stay I was very pleased with its location, quietness in the neighborhood, and the ease of life.

Kyoto station, Shijyo street, the center of Kyoto including Nishiki market were all within walking distance. Because there was a 24 hour supermarket right by the house, Kuronomachiya became our home base that allowed us to travel around Kyoto without having to worry much. I was able to fully enjoy Kyoto before the autumn leaves.

The night was very quiet even though it was close to the center of Kyoto city. And unlike what I read in advance about Kyo-Machiya, there was plenty of natural light during day time that allowed me to read while listening to the sound of sparrows. The kitchen was compacted but included everything that I needed to cook. Needless to say, it was a luxurious 1 month stay in Kyoto.

Although the reservation and contact was done from overseas, Hachise's staff responded carefully from the inquiry time to the completion of the contract so I was able to finish the contract with a peace of mind. Thank you very much. I will come again!

[ *This review was originally written in Japanese and translated to English. ]


◎:Available for move-in and stay
○:Available for stay, but not available for move-in
×:Not available


・Move-in day cannot be scheduled for days on which our office is closed.
・Reservations can be made up to 1 year in advance of your intended Check-in date.
・If you cancel the booking 14 days before check-in or later, the Application Deposit of 50,000 JPY is non-refundable. »Cancellation Policy

Vacation Rentals “KyoTreat“ kuronomachiya


Reservation Procedure

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Business Hour: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Closed: Wednesday (Irregular), Sunday, Public Holiday, July 17th (Due to traffic control for Gion Festival), Summer Vacation, New Year’s Holiday
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