"As citizens of Kyoto, we have a responsibility to preserve and protect Kyoto’s beautiful cityscape for the future."

Our town, where we live and work, has many old pre-war buildings. Our stewardship must include the preservation of these old historic buildings through renovation, which will make them safely inhabitable as homes for future generations.

Message from CEO

President and CEO of Hachise Co. Ltd.

Naoki Nishimura | CEO

1979 Born in Kyoto
2021 Appointed President

Loves traveling and eating.
In particular, traveling
with his family while
enjoying local experiences,
landscapes and buildings.
Keen on trying out potential
business opportunities.

A certificate holder of

From new construction sales business to remodeling and resale business of used homes, Hachise have made a big turn in around the year 2000 up until the present.

Focusing on the renovation of Kyo-machiya and pre-owned houses, we offer proposals for different lifestyles from both sales and rental perspectives, and take on challenges of various businesses such as lodging facilities and share-houses along with housing. We have been taking an active role as a real estate company that creates the cityscape of Kyoto.

Hachise has always been attentive to specs and details. All the same, we value the taste and charm of old things, as well as putting forward proposals for homes that tickle the sensibilities of our customers and enrich the hearts of residents.

In addition, we are sending out proposals to customers nationwide and around the world that maximize the value of every single building, and utilize it not only as a residence but also as an asset.

Not just for the purpose of renovation, I strongly believe that it is our mission to provide high-quality housing that can become a social capital which is more than just existing housing, in order to contribute to a sustainable society in the future.

"Designing with respect for the local landscape"
"Utilizing local resources"
"Producing houses with less environmental impact"

With these considerations in mind, we will seek out the optimal construction method and provide safe, secure, and comfortable housing that customers can continue to live in for a long time with attachment.

As a real estate distributor, we will continue to make further efforts to create new things with innovation while inheriting the historical culture and attractive townscape of Kyoto to the future.

Message from Chairman of the Board

President and CEO of Hachise Co. Ltd.

Kohei Nishimura |
Chairman of the Board

1950 Born in Kyoto
2002 Appointed President
2021 Chariman of the Board

Jogging is his life work.
He ran Kyoto Marathon
held on February 21, 2016
with a time of 3: 53:49.

In the past, the life span for a house had not been a mere 30 years like it is today. Housing in the post-war period of high economic growth sees as a matter of course new construction as basically “scrap and build.” And this led to a radical transformation in construction methods as well as in considerations concerning their value.

In Kyoto, we have many beautiful old buildings. However, as these traditional old buildings—including the kyo-machiya townhouses, which contribute so much to the overall beauty of the urban landscape in Kyoto—began disappearing, we at Hachise began to realize the unique patina found in well-maintained old houses and that one simply cannot judge a building by its age.

With this in mind, Hachise has decided to create houses that have irreplaceable charms that cannot be realized with new housing construction, and we came up with a plan to renovate old houses to make the most of their potential value.

Our machiya renovations do not merely bring the house back to what it once was—for we aim for something much more than that.

Our renovated properties aim to help residents enjoy life better. By providing safer and more secure housing, our renovations also take into consideration the needs of a modern lifestyle. But what’s more, they help to contribute to the overall beauty of the city. Our homes are places of great beauty that allow residents to experience nature and to live in harmony with the four seasons.

At Hachise, we will continue to come up with plans for the renovation of traditional buildings that will serve to innovate and give new life to urban culture in Kyoto.

We continue to work hard to make Kyoto a pleasurable place for people to live.