Legal Process

In Japan, one is required to hire a solicitor/attorney to complete legal process in purchasing a property. Three essential and two optional procedures can be entrusted to them:

  1. Assisting preparation of certificates
  2. Witnessing the closing meeting (not required for contract meeting)
  3. Registration of title transfer at Legal Affairs Bureau
  4. (Optional) Translation and/or reviewing of contract documents
  5. (Optional) Tax administration*

* The Tax Authority requires non-residents who own real estate in Japan to appoint a resident as their tax administrator. You may appoint your friends or acquaintances living in Japan, however, you can also hire a solicitor/attorney as your administrator.

Here we introduce solicitors/attorneys who conduct business in English. Please contact them for details on their services and quotations. Other solicitors and attorney are welcome; however, he/she must be a Japanese native and possess the necessary skills and knowledge in real estate transaction with foreign clients.

Relevant Laws and Regulations
Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism provides English documents which outline the laws and regulations related to real estate transactions:

NOTE: These documents are prepared and provided by Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Hachise therefore bears no responsibility for any damage, loss, cost or expenses that the customer may incur due to actions based on these information.