Before Inquiry

    Please read the following before making an inquiry.
    See the FAQ section for further information.

    In principle, information on all available properties is posted on our website.
    We are unable to provide information on new properties on an individual basis. Instead, all available property information is posted on our website. News updates are also provided on Facebook.
    In addition, information regarding properties that cannot be posted on the website due to their private nature is e-mailed to customers on our e-mail mailing list only.
    Click here to register for our e-mail list. Please note that e-mails are not necessarily sent on a regular schedule. All information is provided in Japanese only.

    Please feel free to contact us anytime you need a consultation when looking for a property, or for more information about the properties listed on our website.
    Properties currently under negotiation, or for which a contract has already been established, are not available for viewing.
    Properties for which an offer has already been made are shown as “Under Offer” on the property web page. We are unable to show properties for which negotiations are underway, or for which a contract has already been established.
    We ask that potential customers view the property or properties concerned prior to applying to purchase.
    Because the properties handled by our company are unique in nature, we ask that you first see the property in person before submitting an application. Once you have submitted a Letter of Intent upon viewing the property, said property will be listed as “Under Offer.” Contract preparations will begin at this time.
    Please inquire ahead of time if you wish to visit our office,
    consult with us, or view a property.
    To better serve you, we ask that you contact us ahead of time as the appropriate staff member may not always be present.
    To make an appointment, please fill out the Inquiry form.
    Please contact us first by e-mail only regarding properties.
    At our company, one of our staff members is assigned to each property for all phases, spanning refurbishment planning and design, showing of property, and establishment of contract. Our staff will respond as quickly as possible once they receive your request. Please allow sufficient time.

    We post information on attractive properties to meet the needs and expectations of customers to the best of our abilities. We hope you find something you like!