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About KyoTreat

Why KyoTreat?

With KyoTreat, you can experience a brand-new Kyoto in an easy-way.
Rental period starting from 30 days allow a wider and deeper local exploration. Unlike typical rental houses in Japan, key money and guarantor are not required for KyoTreat services, and properties are fully furnished with necessary utilities so you can immediately move-in with your luggage packed.

  • Fully furnished house

    Fully furnished house

  • Utility cost included

    Utility cost included

  • Flat rate for family

    Flat rate for family

  • Hachise renovated Machiya experience

    Hachise renovated
    Machiya experience

In addition, KyoTreat properties are primarily wooden buildings renovated by Hachise, which can be a great example of our renovation works.
You might come up with good ideas for your dream home during your stay.

House Rules

To ensure a safe and pleasant stay for our guests, KyoTreat has devised some simple rules as below and we kindly request every guest to comply with them. Please take a moment to understand these guidelines before making reservations.

♦ For shorter stay – less than a month
In accordance with the relevant local laws and regulations, the minimum rental contract period for KyoTreat is set at one month (30 days). During this period, tenants can move-out freely, but the contract period has to stay as a month so as for rental charge.
♦ Garden maintenance
The beauty of the gardens has always been part of the charm of Machiyas and Japanese houses.
We ask our tenants to help with the maintenance of the gardens as much as they can, and incorporating it as a part of their day-to-day life in Kyoto.
♦ Furniture and fixtures
Basic furniture and fixtures are equipped in each property, please inquire for more details and fixtures list.
♦ Bicycle parking space
Bicycle parking space are available depends on the property, please inquire for details.
♦ Garbage and cleanliness
We ask our tenants to treat the property with good care as if their own home.
Please keep the house tidy and clean; we will provide all the information and support tenants need on rules such as putting out garbage before tenants’ move-in.
*Optional housecleaning service is also available, please inquire for details.
♦ Utility costs
Utility costs such as electricity, water, gas, internet (wifi) are included in the rent.
♦ Consumables
We ask tenants to prepare their own supplies such as toilet paper, detergent, etc.
Usable supplies left by previous tenants may left in the property, please feel free to use them.
♦ Beddings and linens
Bedding linens or towels are not provided at KyoTreat houses. Please prepare your own or use our optional comfort service.
*For comfort service (rental linen), please inquire for details.
♦ When you have guests to stay with you
Before moving in, tenants are required to submit identifications for anyone who will be staying at the property.
≫ See the application process page.
Please refrain from letting people other than the contracted guests to stay in the property.
If you are planning to have a guest staying in the house, please let us know the schedule and submit his/her copy of passport in advance.
♦ Smoking
All KyoTreat properties are non-smoking properties. Smoking is strictly prohibited in any rooms or in any other places of the property.
♦ Prohibitions on the use of KyoTreat properties by anti-social forces
Reservation and property usage from anti-social forces are prohibited. The definition of "anti-social forces" includes a member of an organized crime group, a related company of an organized crime group, a corporate extortionist (or a similar person) or a member of them.
♦ Other information tenants should be aware of
  • Do not sublease the house to a third party.
  • Do not bring in or keep any animals in the property