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버려지는 전통가옥, 교토 ‘교마치야‘ (Abandoned Traditional House, Kyoto“Kyomachiya”)New
“Living in Traditional Japanese Townhouses: Kyo-machiya”

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“The Disappearing Traditional Homes Of Kyoto | Machiya Tours”

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“Businesses breathe new life into Kyoto tradition”
“Lack of supply drives rise in Kyoto’s property prices”
“Old machiya houses in Japan's Kyoto given new lease of life by niche loans”
“Saving Kyoto's Wooden Houses”
“Inside a Japanese wooden townhouse”
“Why foreign buyers are seeking ‘worthless’ wooden homes in Kyoto?”
“Hachise Starts Global Sales of Japanese Traditional Kyo-Machiya Townhouses”

*Press release published by Hachise