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Corporate Name 株式会社 八清 Hachise Co. Ltd.
Founded July 3, 1956
Location 619 Takahashi-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8096 Japan

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Phone Number +81-75-341-6324

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President and CEO Naoki Nishimura
Employees 31 (as of July 2021)
Core Business
  • Sale of Renovated and Unrenovated Kyo-Machiya townhouses and ordinary existing houses
  • Real estate consultation and brokerage services
  • Management and Maintenance Services for houses renovated by Hachise
  • Real Estate Broker Company License No. Kyoto-Fu Governor (16) 642
  • Special Construction Business License from Kyoto Prefectural Governor: No. (Special 30)-3869
  • Antique dealer permit from the Kyoto Prefecture Public Safety Commission: No. 611061030003
  • General real estate investment advisory business license from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport: No. General-201
Business Hours 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Monday through Saturday excluding Wednesdays, national holidays and company holidays. <Business Calendar>
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History and Achievement

1956 Founded as a company mainly involved in the wholesale of textile products
1962 Real estate brokerage business added to our business lines
1964 Head Office transferred to current location
Yoshizo Nishimura appointed as President
1966 Real estate brokerage registration completed
1972 New Head Office building completed
1984 Activities focused on real estate purchasing and sales
1985 Activities focused on real estate intermediary business
2001 First kyo-machiya sale
2002 Yoshizo Nishimura appointed Chairman
Kohei Nishimura appointed President
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport–registered real estate investment advisory business started
2003 Becomes Kyoto’s first business to realize real estate securitization
“Re-stock Jutaku,” our product name for renovated existing houses, is trademark registered
2005 Business activities focused on restoration projects of kyo-machiya
2006 First Hachise-administered kyo-machiya Test held for the purpose of passing on their tradition
2009 The first kyo-machiya model house is completed
2010 Becomes Residential Renovation Promotion Council member
“Kyoyado-ya,” our business model of renting out an entire kyo-machiya property for tourists, becomes trademark registered
“Kyoyado-ya” business inaugurated; first property “Joson Akane-an” opens for business
2011 The first Sharehouse “Kyo-danran Tofuku-ji” completed and begins recruiting for residents
“Kyoyado-ya” long-stay residency business, “Machiya Residence Inn” begins operations
“Kyoyado-ya” plan is recognized in the first Chie (Wisdom) Business Plan of Kyoto competition
2013 “The Hizashi-no-Ie (sunlight (eaves) house)” wins the Miyako Environmentally Friendly Buildings Excellence Award
2014 The Hachise Global Website is started to provide information to global customers
2015 Selected to win a 2014 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Renovation Business Industry Award
Kyoto Next-Generation Environmentally Friendly Residence “Eco Renovation kyo-machiya” wins Environment Architecture Award
Monthly rental business “Vacation Rentals Kyoto” inaugurated; its first villa, “Vacation Rentals Fukumoto” is opened
“Ethical House Nishijin Oriyadate-no (waever’s) Machiya” wins second Miyako Environmentally Friendly Buildings Encouraging Award
2016 Celebrates 60th year in business; commemorative ceremony held
2021 Kohei Nishimura appointed Chairman
Naoki Nishimura appointed President