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  • Re-stock Jutaku / Re-stock Kyo-machiya

    Re-stock Jutaku™Since 1999
    Re-stock Kyo-machiyaSince 2004

    Hachise's Re-stock Jutaku™ refers to renovated existing houses that have been set for enhancing safety, comfort, and the value of the house. In recent years, environmentally friendly construction has become more important and these homes can play a major role in a recycling-oriented society.

  • Renovation Project

    Renovation Project

    Hachise assigns a team for each project in order that each renovation project is uniquely designed to meet the particular needs of the project. Current information about on-going projects is available on our Japanese Page.

  • Kyo-kashiya / Re-rent

    Kyo-kashiya / Re-rent

    These are Hachise-renovated rental properties. Kyo-kashiya refers to properties originally built with Japanese “traditional” construction method and the latter with the “conventional” method. Hachise services include tenant recruitment, rental management, and maintenance. We also offer purchase consultation for clients who prefer to run and manage by themselves.

  • Kyo-danran / Share House

    Kyo-danranShare House / Since 2011

    The Kyo-danran project makes use of larger scale kyo-machiya buildings to run “sharehouse” apartments with common spaces. These rentals are appropriate for both domestic and overseas business people. Hachise offers full-service management, from building renovation to the recruitment and vetting of tenants, property cleaning, and periodical inspection.

  • Vacation Rentals Kyoto

    Vacation Rentals “KyoTreat”

    Fully furnished monthly rental houses renovated by Hachise. To people considering moving into Kyoto or purchasing Kyo-machiya, Vacation Rentals “KyoTreat” makes for an easier way to experience the daily life of Kyoto and Kyo-machiya.
    “KyoTreat” can be also utilized as a base for sightseeing, a temporary house for moving, accommodation for a business partner and so on.

  • New Construction

    New Construction

    Based on the concept of “local production for local consumption,” Hachise builds houses using locally produced lumber. Houses built with local wood not only are better adapted to the local climate but help to revitalize the local forestry industry, which has been sluggish; thereby contributing to forest preservation.

  • Custom Renovation

    Custom Renovation

    Renovating and taking care of existing properties is not only economical, but it is also environmental. You will also own something worth passing down to the next generation. Making use of Hachise’s long experience and know-how in used houses, we go beyond structural inspections offering services that range from repair and reinforcement works to completion inspections.

  • Kyo-yadoya / Kyo-machiya Inns

    Kyo-yadoyaKyo-machiya Inns / since 2009

    The Kyoyado-ya is a real estate venture that offers licensed hotel franchises for sale and makes use of traditional kyo-machiya buildings in Kyoto that have been structurally as well as cosmetically renovated. The project is attracting nationwide attention as an ideal means of preserving historical architecture and contributing to urban landscape preservation.

  • Services We Offer

  • Housing Maintenance Service

    Housing Maintenance Service

    For those who have purchased a house renovated by Hachise as their primary residence, we offer our “Housing Maintenance Service” —a membership-based service to help with everyday maintenance of your home. We support everything from work requiring specialized technique to daily maintenance.

  • Vacant Home Maintenance Service

    Vacant Home Maintenance Service

    It is not easy to maintain a vacation home themselves if they are living far away. For those who have purchased a house renovated by Hachise as a vacation home, we offer our "Vacation Home Maintenance Service" —a membership-based service to help with maintenance and inspection of the house while it's vacant.

  • Rental Home Management

    Rental Home Management

    For those who have purchased a house renovated by Hachise for the purpose of leasing or renting, we offer the “Rental Home Management“ service. We have mediated and advertised more than 100 Kyo-Machiya rentals to date, and are constantly managing of around 40 rental properties ranging from Kyo-Machiya townhouses to modern condos.

  • Vacation Rental Management

    Vacation Rental Management

    For those who have purchased a house renovated by Hachise as a vacation home and would like to rent it out while it’s vacant, we offer our full-scale management service. From property website creation, inquiries and reservations to acting as the contract agency and post-departure cleaning: you can trust all these matters and more to us.